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 Gaining power. -training topic-

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PostSubject: Gaining power. -training topic-   Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:06 am

Matt the android stood tall with a hand over a man who's eyes were growing dimmers mouth. This mans name is keitaro and this is his life.

*Flash Back*
Keitaro had heard of a hero in vegeta city know simply as HQ the town worshiped the very ground he walk's on. "I will show them who they should be worshiping worship belongs to me and me alone" he thought you see Keitaro looked and acted like all saiyans only more cocky. Keitaro decided to lure this hero out so he landed to the middle of vegeta city and started out big he fired a few ki blast into a few bulidings blowing them up. He felt someone's ki level a little stronger when one compared. "What are you doing to this town" the man asked Keitaro replied. "Are you the man know as HQ?" he asked "Yes why?" the man now known as HQ asked. "You my freind are going to die today." said Keitaro as he turned around and fire one ki blast at HQ. HQ jumped out of the way and ran up to Keitaro and started to punch and kick Keitaro witch had little to some effect. Keitaro back handed him into a buliding and fired a few ki blast at it makeing it fall HQ got out in time and ran at Keitaro again and started to punch and kick him again witch now just pissed him off. "If it barely worked the first time WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU THINK IT WOULD WORK A SECOND TIME!?!" he yelled as he grabed HQ by the neck and threw him. "I'LL SHOW YOU A REAL PUNCH" he yelled as he ran at HQ and started to punch and kick him he finished HQ off by grabing him by the arm and throwing him up into the air and fireing twenty ki blast at him HQ saw Keitaro's full face "K-Keitaro you said you would kill me last when we met remember?" he asked hopeing he did. "Hm sorry i'm all out of pity right now." he said stomping on HQ neck breaking it. "Now then now that he is out of the way." Keitaro said as he destroyed the rest of the city and flew off.

Keitaro was training in the woods when a women ran up and huged him. "T-t-thank for saveing m-m-me." she cried into his chest. Keitaro back handed her into a tree and walked around the town. Not reviceing the normal glare's his get but instead people were cheering his name. "What the fuck is up with them?" keitaro thought only to see...HIMSELF HELPING AN OLD WOMEN!? "WHAT THE HELL!" he screamed in his head as he flew at the other him and kicked him. "Well hello to you to." the clone/android/mutant said to keitaro "Who the FUCK are you?" keitaro asked. "I am you from another deminsion. I'm just helping clear up your name. I'm Kintaro." The keitaro look alike said. "Hmm yes one slight problem with that...Your screwing me and my evil rep over...yeah your gonna have to die." keitaro said as he rushed him only for his fist to meet kintaro's "I'm just as strong as you remember?" kintaro said. "Oh yeah i do it's just that this is gonna happen." keitaro said shooting a fire ball at kintaro sending him flying back in flames. Keitaro then kicked a tree at kintaro making it impale him. Kintaro soon started to cough up blood. Keitaro grabed a sharp piece of wood and ran it across his finger. Seeing the blood slowly go down his finger he smirked "This'll be fun." keitaro said as he grabed another piece of wood. "You have a great smile...Well of corse you do it's MY smile. But lets keep it on for a good long time like the rest of your life." Keitaro said as he took the two piece's of wood that came from the tree and shoved one on each side of kintaro's mouth then carved a smile on his face. Keitaro then took kintaro's shirt off then started to carve curse words all over his body. Keitaro then stabed him in the chest he smiled as he watched the blood flow freely from kintaro's body. "Mhmhmhm." keitaro chuckled and threw kintaro to the ground after pullin' him off the tree. Keitaro slamed kintaro's face into the side walk untill his face was flat. Brain juices were leaking out of kintaro. Keitaro was coverd in blood now and kintaro was crying from pain. Keitaro grabed kintaro by the head and riped the head from his body.

Keitaro had awaken in hell only to be picked up by a rather large demon "COME ON NEW GUY I'LL HELP YA PROVE YOUR WORTH TO KING DABURA!" he yelled as he threw keitaro through the portal. "OH MY GOD!" he yelled as he crashed through ten buildings destroying them. "Hey kid what'er you waiting for kill rape slaugter do what ever you ca-AH" the demon stoped in mid sentence. And now that keitaro had a better look at him he seemed to be a blood red color along with haveing rotting flesh and fire all over his body then keitaro started to speak. "I dont like you...And frankly i'm gonna use you to help me do that...Tell me what happens when a demon comes into contact with holy water?" keitaro asked "They e-e-explod-AHH!" the demon yelled as keitaro threw him into a chruch and when he hit the holy water BOOM!

It took down thirteen city blocks then he started to look around the city it seemed to be noon time but the city seemed rather old but had many people in it. "Well then lets see what else i can destroy." keitaro said as he jumped over a forest and blew out a flame destroying it and causeing a large fire that spread to the city. He then kicked down a few buildings destroying them. "One minute left." he thought as there was a single building left. He shot 500 dark blast at it destroying it before being sucked back into hell. The same demon he blew up was waiting for him there "SO how'd it go kid." keitaro kicked him into the fire pit and walked away.

Keitaro stood upon a giant building in hell city central "Lets see what i can do here." he said as he fell backwards off the building before hitting the ground he took off flying down the middle of the street. As he flew up into the sky his shadow seeming to reflect into the moon "There is to much evil in this world...As is there to much good my job is to keep the evil stronger." he thought as he flew at a building and broke through it destroying it. As he turned around and watched the building fall only for it to be heading for a woman and her baby. Keitaro not wanting to kill a young child flew at them and took them with him while flying. The women was how ever a romance novel wrighter and this was the basics of her story. A stranger saves the scared women from near death and flys with her. Keitaro droped them off in a safe area and flew off keeping up the pace he landed back on to the building he started out on and watched the city below.

As it was the next day [or he thought it was since it seemed to be night time in hell all the time] he looked around and kicked down a building and started going on a killing spree. Then the demon teams top fighter came up to him. He was a human sized demon with scars all over his body. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING HUMAN!" it yelled at keitaro which caused him to snap. "I'M NOT A HUMAN I'M A SAIYAN PART OF A TRUE WARRIOR RACE DONT UNDERESTMATE ME!" he yelled as he rushed at the demon and unleashed a combo of punched and kicks on the demon then powerd up into his hand a dark ball punched the demon in the gut and launched ten thousand dark blast through the demon. He blew on his knuckles and watched the demon lay there bleeding "Heh i didn't even break a sweat." he said as he walked away.

Keitaro was standing the a circle of blue flames. Four large,Red,Rotting demons around him. There were cruse words carved into his body and third degree burns all over his body. He was being tourtred by these demons but he knew it was making him stronger. He could feel power corseing through him with each stab,hit,shot and dabura wanted to meet keitaro so he keitaro was on the verge of death dabura would heal him "Come on ya bunch of whimps my grandmother can hit harder then you and she's dead!" keitaro yelled and spat on the largest of the demons who then kicked the hell out of him. Keitaro was let go out of the area he was chained or rather the chains were long enough for him to nearly reach the demons with a punch. One of them demons kicked keitaro back to the wall knocking him out.

A few months later.

There sat keitaro thin as a piece of paper. Then the demons came back "Your ready to see dabura come along." the demon said picking him up and draging him out of the chamber.

Keitaro was training in the pits of hell when a little blue demon ran up to him. Keitaro looked down at the little demon with the scars around his eyes due to the pain he went through. "Keitaro-sama Dabura-dono has requested for you to come to his castle for dinner!" the little demon said. Keitaro put his shirt on and started to walk to dabura's castle "Hmm it seems that dabura has layed traps for thouse with bad intetinons coming to his castle." keitaro thought. As he reached the the castle he noticed two things. One the tempatrue droped by at a hundred degree's and two he was being pulled into the castle by a shadowy hand "DAMN IT!" he screamed in his mind. It felt as if the hand was pulling what little of soul he had left out of him. Then as soon as it started it ended. Keitaro was now in a chair a few feet away from the demon king. "Its good to have you here keitaro but now i have a gift for you." dabura said tapping keitaro on the for head as each moment in his life came through his eyes. No son spare me please! He heard a voice say "THE WEAK DIE FATHER!" then there was silence after sevrel memories he finally came back to where he was now. "You feel stronger boy....This is good...Soon you shall become my apprentice...For now rest." the demon king said.

It had been weeks since dabura had made keitaro relive his past. Keitaro felt a dark power running through him at all times now. Suddenly the little blue demon that told keitaro dabura wanted to meet him ran up. "Keitaro-sama your under the wrong demon king follow me and i'l-GAH!" the little demon said as it was now held in keitaro right hand. "Hmm a false demon king?, Well then i guess i have to report this to dabura. Where is this false king at?" keitaro asked "In southern hell!" the little demon yelled as keitaro snaped the little demons neck. Keitaro enterd dabura's castle dabura had two human female's sitting around his throne "Keitaro what is it?" the demon king asked.

"My lord it seems that there is a false king in the southren part of hell...What are my orders?" keitaro asked the demon king. Keitaro looked into the demon kings eyes and fire's of rage were in them. Keitaro in the first time in his life was afraid. "Keitaro i am going with you to face this false king. I am giving you full controle over my army." the king said as he got up from his throne and told them women to keitaro into battle armor.
Keitaro looked upon the armor he was placed into it was brown with spikes all over it then the women started to talk "This armor well protect you from any and every fire of hell out there. It'll also help stop you from being possesd." the girls finished with a smile.

Keitaro walked out of the castle along side dabura and his army. Keitaro heard the chanting grow louder as soon as they were spoted it stoped. Every last demon rushed them dabura killed them all in one swift move. Keitaro turned to the army "Men.....ATTAAAAAAAAAACK!" he yelled as the army and keitaro him self rushed to the false demon king. They rushed the false king only to be knocked back by him. Keitaro had a good look at the false king.

He was large about two feet taller then dabura he wore a dark armor with helm that cover his face. Keitaro got up holding his arm "I DID NOT WALK TWO HUNDRED MILES JUST TO GET DEFEATED!" keitaro yelled as he rushed the false king holding one of the demons blade. It was an odd blade it was black with red ruby's incrusting the hilt. The false king not thinking right went to hit keitaro again only to be held back by dabura. Keitaro jumped into the air and with one swift move cut the false kings head off. Keitaro stood there coverd in blood and smirked "Some king he was." keitaro said as he gave the head to dabura and left the area.

Keitaro didn't know what happend first he was traning. And then he was in a room with the demon king holding a branding iron in the shape of an up side down cross. "Keitaro....I here by deem you a knight of satan." the demon king said as he burned the cross onto keitaro's chest. Keitaro took the pain as it was nothing compared to other things in his life. As soon the cross was lifted from his chest he was marked with it for life. He was told to report to the castle the next morning.

As he came to the castle the next morning dabura was in this throne. "Keitaro i am going to teach you a very importent skill...I am going to teach you how to posses people." the demon king said. Dabura told keitaro to concentrait on one perosn and keep it that way. Keitaro looked at a little blue imp and foucused on him. Soon keitaro's body was out like a burned light and went at the little imp. As the imp had a weak mind there wasent much to get into some one as strong keitaro other then a weak barrier which he tore through like a piece of paper. "Good keitaro that is all." the demon king said.

Keitaro was in the middle of a blood soaked arena, The reason was because he was in a tournament to see if he'll lose his knight of satan rank. There were ten demons around his each more....Ugly then the last. The first one just looked like an angel that had its wings burned off. The second one was the same with some rotting flesh. The next one was red and growing horns along with the rotting flesh. Same with the fourth fifth sixth seventh and eigth one. The nineth one looked like the false king he had killed. And the tenth one was the son of king dabura him self he looked like a young dabura. Keitaro turned to the first one and sent a swift kick to his jaw.

Keitaro then fliped back and kicked the second one into the ground. The first one ran at keitaro who stuck his hand out like a gun. A small red ball of energy gatherd at the tip of his finger and when the man was close enough keitaro let the energy blast loose killing the first one. The second one got back up and grabed keitaro by the head and dug his claws in. Keitaro then possesed him and made him drop keitaro's body.

The third one finally ran at the body keitaro was in but keitaro jumped out before it was killed. Keitaro smirked and gave the third demon the finger. He rushed at keitaro who then punched him in the face sending him flying back. Keitaro grabed the demon by the head and ripped said head off. "Come on give me a real fight." as soon as the words left his mouth the fourth demon grabed him and the fifth one went to punch him in the face.

When the punch came close to his face keitaro let out a fire ball blasting the demon back. Keitaro then head butted the demon behind him with the back of his head. He then sent a hard kick to the demons jaw. "Your to weak to beat a saiyan." he said as he fired another blast at the demon that was holding him blasting its head off. The fifth one sent a kick to the back of keitaro's head sending him into a wall.

"Well that wasent very nice." keitaro said in a sarcastic voice. He then rushed at the demon punched him in the chest sending his hand through it. The sixth one ran at him keitaro possesed him and had seven and eight kill him. Keitaro then killed seven and eight with a blast from the evil gun and ripping their head off each respectivly. All that was left was nine and dabura jr.

Keitaro saw dabura jr had already killed number nine and was rushing at keitaro. Keitaro jumped over jr and sent a kick to his head sending jr into the dirt. He then flew into the air and fired four evil gun blast at jr killing him as well. Keitaro wiped the sweat off of his for head and smirked. "To easy...Maybe the next ones well give me a better challenge." he said walking away leaveing a bloody mess.

Keitaro was in the Otherworld Tornament fighting for his life back. He beat the first two round with ease the second round caused him to enter his false super saiyan mode. As he went back to normal he looked down at the last person between him and life. It was a saiyan a female saiyan her hair was down to her back and she was wearing the saiyan elit armor. She spoke to him as if he was some weakling.

"Just shut up and fight." keitaro said getting tired of hearing her voice. She rushed at keitaro and punched him in the gut then kneed him in the jaw when he was bent over. She then kicked him over into the wall, Keitaro wiped the blood from his lip and smirked. "I've been wanting to use this all day." keitaro said pointing his arm out and making his land look like a gun. HE then shot her with a blast of strong ki and knocked her out. "So young warrior what is your prize?" asked the kai's. "I want my life back." keitaro said as the kai's sent him back to planet earth.

Keitaro was in the southern woods of planet vegeta. As he stood in a clearning a small goldish looking alien came up from behind him. "GIVE ME THAT SOUL!" it yelled as it launched at keitaro only to not get anything drained from him. "W-what that!?!" the small alien said. Keitaro turned around and grabed the alien by the neck.

"I dont know who you are or where your from...But i feel like killing something right now...And i guess you'll do." keitaro said as he threw the alien into the tree. "W-w-wait! I can give you power if you allow me!" he said. "What is this way?" keitaro asked then the alien smirked. "Ayatsuri no Majyutsu!" the alien said as a beam went to keitaro and struck him in the forhead. The alien tried to controle keitaro but couldn't then keitaro's body went limp.

After keitaro was hit by the beam he possesed the alien and once inside the body he smirked. "W-what the!?!?" the alien screamed. "I can controle you easily scum." keitaro said as he made babaidi impale him self on a sharp rock. Keitaro left the body and got back up then shot a evil gun blast at babidi's head killing him. "Hmhmhm to easy." keitaro said with a smirk.

Keitaro was in the middle of a sparring area. He hid his PL so he could kill the captian the reason why? He knew the co captian since child hood and the co captian was much stronger then the captian already. But since he was an elite already he couldn't fight the captian that didn't mean keitaro couldn't how ever. Keitaro's friend keiji looked at him he knew keitaro was hideing his PL but he waiting untill the captian got the hell kicked out of him to tell.

The elder twin girl thought very little of keitaro. Since he was hideing his PL he has a measly 500 PL. "Your gonna die you low level trash!" she said to keitaro. She didn't know how ever "He may be hideing his PL sis." the younger twin said to the elder. "Stop screwing around like he is even strong." she finished.

The large saiyan was thinking about how the fight well turn out. "The kid seems way to calm to be real. He is fighting the saiyan elite captian for gods sake. You would think he would show fear...Unless he is hideing his PL if that he might just be close to the captian." he finished taking a bite out of a cooked saibaman leg.

So now there he was his PL hidden to 500 to trick the captian. "HAHAHA! 500 YOU SHOULD GIVE UP YOU REJECT!" the captian yelled laughing at keitaro. "Hey atleast i aint a loud mouth cocky mama's boy punk." keitaro said making the female twins laugh along with the co captian and the large male saiyan. The captian rushed at keitaro and started to beat on him. After the fifth combo he sent a round house kick to the captians jaw sending him into the wall.

"Hey your not half bad mama's boy. But get ready to face a true saiyan!" keitaro said as he unleashed all of his ki at one going from 500 to 330,200 PL. The captian rushed at keitaro once more only to be blown back by a ki attack. "Hmhmhmhmh." keitaro chuckled darkly walking up to the captian. He picked up the captian and shot his hand through his chest and out of the chest came keitaro bloody hand holding a heart. Keitaro crushed the heart in cold blood and looked at them "I guess that makes keiji the new captian." he said as he walked out of the room leaveing a bloody mess behind him.

Keitaro woke up in a daze. His head was spinning and pain was all over his body. "Ugg not since hell did i feel this kind of pain." he said rubbing his head. He saw saibamen parts laying all over the place. He blinked "Either i had one hell of a welcomeing party or i'm on a mission." keitaro said as he saw his team passed out as well. "It is a mission." keitaro said rubbing his head.

He checked him self for damage he him self was in pretty good shape. The others how ever did not have his luck. The twins had marks all over them that looked to be from claws. The big fella looks like the saibamen blew them selves up while on him. Keiji looked fine but then keitaro took a closer look "Hmm theres a needle in him...I guess he has some sort of virus in him." keitaro said dusting him self off then he saw the saiyan.

"Well well well looks like your team has gone to hell." the rebel saiyan said. Keitaro stayed silent and snapped his fingers as saibamen grabed each saiyan and took them all to the base and took them to the Rejuvenation Chambers back at the base. "What was that scum?" keitaro said in a mocking tone. The saiyan rushed keitaro who stuck his arm out in a gun like fashion and blew a dark energy wave at the saiyan blasting his head off. "Well back to base i go." keitaro said leaveing.

Keitaro stood infront of a grave along with his team. The reason why his ca-no his friend had died. Each person was to bring something not native to planet vegeta. Keitaro placed a black rose onto the grave of his dead friend. Keitaro was to speak for him "Friends,Team,Famliy of the departed. This is a sad day a great man had died in order to protect the planet. Today we are here to honor this mans death. We well meet him again in the next life...That is all." keitaro finished.

It was the next day and the team was fighting over who was gonna be the next captian. The twins argued that they had the strongest PL put together. While the large one yelled that he could easily over power any one in the room. The co cpatian said since he was co cpatian he should make captian. Keitaro walked over to the large saiyan and punched a hole through his chest killing him.

"Your saiyan settle this the way we settle everything...Killing." keitaro said the twins rushed him and both tryed to kick him only to meet a edge of a dark blade be heading them both. Keitaro turned to the co captian who rushed him as well keitaro triped him then smirked. He kicked the co captian in the ribs shattering them he tne broke his neck. "I guess i'm the captian now." he said with a smirk.
*Flash Back End*

Soon the android threw keitaro down and smirked. "I can feel your power running through me." he said with a smirk as he walked away.
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Gaining power. -training topic-
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