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 Back in Action

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PostSubject: Back in Action   Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:51 pm

Junsei Otome been surprised that Akuro was revived after he had gotten himself killed using the demon sealing wave. The icer was still locked away for now from what she had heard. Using the hyperbolic time chamber seemed like the best place to resume training. She was not sure what to make of his new growth in power though. "Just remember this is a serious fight" she replied, as she moved into the attack not giving him much time to defend himself against her assault.

Akuro was on the defense quickly and managed to block a number of the attacks made against him with not much effort. In a sense the people he fought against were a lot tougher then Junsei was. Though the fight was still something he enjoyed since they both had a general idea of their hand to hand combat styles. Akuro went on the offensive and few kicks of his own in response. He forgot that Junsei was good at countering blows and blocked his last kick by catching and got him with two sharp kicks to the side.

"Your not getting an easy fight out of me" she responded, as she charged up her Gekiretsu Madan and unleashed a number of energy attacks. Akuro using his new training used his new found speed to move out of the way. With that in mind he focused his energy into his attacks. He wanted to keep with hand to hand combat before he planned to go into energy attacks. That and he was aiming to not have to use Kaio Ken quite yet. Both were using their physical combat to their fullest staying to their original fighting styles. Akuro going with a strong forceful way of fighting and Junsei using something that was graceful, but had a lot of bite to it when the opportunity to attack arrived.

"You got better it seems, but your fighting style still needs work" he replied once they finished with sparring match that was pretty much a fight.

Akuro laughed a little "well it is not like your fighting style is all that wide spread" he replied, as a response. That got him a jab to the side "ok ok I will take it into consideration" he replied with a bit of a sigh.

"good" she responded, as she took her leave. "Also don't get yourself killed again" she replied.

Akuro was going to get back to training before he sensed a power similar to the woman he fought on another planet. He looked to see it was someone different watching him from a decent distance. He used his secret weapon and charged at his target only to pass through them.

"Behind you" came a whisper before he was knocked aside with an energy attack that was quite large. " I came only to talk" the cloaked figure replied before looking at Akuro who was on the ground. "I believe you fought my associate which means you are the one who is going to finish what has stated" she replied.

Akuro blinked "and that is what exactly?" he asked wondering what the figureĀ  was speaking on exactly.

Moving her sleeve back to reveal multiple cracks in the skin. "I am of the Shadows and I give this warning we are going to purge the galaxy of certain fifth and you will assist unless you want the rest of our army to come and take your world into the darkness" she replied. The main concern was the Icer threat. It was a time where enemies would have to work to defeat the bigger threat.

Akuro got to his feet after a few minutes "For now if this goal of the shadows is not going to direct it at Earth we can work together" he answered with some caution. He was not sure what to make of this Shadow since he knew nothing about them. He continued his training focusing on making sure he increased the control he had over hisĀ  KaioKen technique. He was not sure what he was gong to do next though since he just got himself out from one mess and into another one.

"Just perfect" he replied with a sigh, as he found the situation a bit irritating to say the least.

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PostSubject: Re: Back in Action   Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:56 am

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Back in Action
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