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 Getting Clues to go on

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PostSubject: Getting Clues to go on   Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:41 pm

Darthwin was looking into the group that had taken his younger sister for their own ends. Since he believed it was in his own interest to deal with the problem he was not going to ask his allies for assistance. He knew what the group intended to use Saya for and the fact that they could gain allies by using he daughter of the former king to raise their own status. He continued on his way on foot until he reached where he was to speak with an informant on the situation. He was not sure if to trust the older looking saiyan or not, but he would have to just use his own judgement for the time being.

"Never expected someone like you to come for information" he replied with a chuckle. "They refer to you as the traitor" he continued since it was known by this point that Darthwin was allies with the one that murdered their last king Drago.

"Their opinion of my is not my concern" he replied, as an answer.  He stopped worrying about things like that after a while. That and those that wanted to kill him gave up after he piled enough corpses to get the message across. "I want the information you have or I will just kill you" he replied with a serious look on his face.

"Just like a Miyamoto to make threats" he answered before he handed Darthwin the information and turned to leave before he snapped his fingers. "make sure to leave the body intact they want proof the traitor is dead" he replied with a chuckle. With that two Saiyans came from the shadows wearing old armor. One had a number of scars and a missing eye. The other had a long pony tail armor that was severely cracked. 

"Should have expected, as much" he replied under his breath before the fighting started. He was holding his own for the time being, but he had been  trying to avoid letting his blood get the better of him again. With that he was at a disadvantage against two 

( wip )


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Getting Clues to go on
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