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 The new king

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PostSubject: The new king    Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:17 pm

Ryder stood in front of his Saiyan warriors at the training ground. His new position of power had to be solidified. “You all were under the rule of the previous king for too long. Now a new era of training will begin.” Ryder went Super Saiyan. The warriors around him looked in awe of the power that was being forced upon them. “This is true power. This is what our enemies will fear. This is the future of the Saiyan race. NOW FIGHT ME!” not one warrior made a move. None of them would dare stand up to the fighter that killed Drago. “You will fear nothing. ATTACK!” Still no one moved.
“I will fight you my king.” A warrior stood from behind Ryder. He was rather tall even for a Saiyans standards and had long black hair. “My name is Dyson, my lord, and too long did we cower under Lord Drago. I pledge my undying allegiance to you. First, we battle.” Dyson began to sprint towards Ryder, but Ryder moved to one side throwing a knee into Dysons gut. Without skipping a beat Dyson pushed off of Ryders leg into the air, landing on his feet. Once again he began to attack. Throwing punch after punch and kick after kick Ryder dodged and blocked everyone. Sensing Ryder wasn’t even breaking a sweat Dyson attacked harder. He knew he couldn’t beat the new king but he was sure he was going to make him know he was training. He concentrated on Ryder’s gut and face trying to land one hit, but Ryder didn’t even take his eyes off Dyson once. Dyson pushed away from Ryder and looked around. All the other warriors had a look of disgust on their faces. He could hear the others whispering to each other. “This warrior is weak. He doesn’t even deserve to fight a Saiyan woman.” Dyson began to become enraged. Not one of them would stand up and the kings command, who were they to talk. Before attacking Ryder again Dyson threw a kick into the knee of one of the whispering Saiyans. Knocking him to his knees and waking up the crowd. Ryder grinned. He could see the heart this Warrior had. True to any real Saiyan warrior. Dyson saw this look on Ryder’s face. And continued the assault. Ryder Kicked Dyson in the face putting him on the ground.
“Enough.” Ryder stood straight and took a moment to study the crowd. “Not one of you will fight me, but you have the nerve to insult one with true courage? How can you call yourselves Saiyan Warriors?
“You don’t deserve to stand in the kings place. You are not the king of this world. Drago will be our king.” Ryder saw the man standing in front of him.
“How dare you speak to my king in such a manner.” Dyson was on his feet.
“Dyson, you have done your part. I will show these weak minded individuals what it truly means to be a Super Saiyan. I am the one who killed Lord Drago. By Saiyan law I am the true king.” Ryder held a hand toward the outspoken warrior. Without warning he burst into dust. He began to go around destroying anyone who had spoken out against Dyson’s attack. Finally he got to Dyson. “You, my friend, will be my personal body guard. And my father will train you. Come we have a lot of work to get New Vegeta to the glory it once was. Once again feared throughout the galaxy.” As the two walked away from the circle of Saiyan warriors one warrior stood.
“All Hail Lord Ryder!” The rest of the warriors followed suit.

“This is going to be fun.” Ryder smirked and flew away with Dyson to the Palace.   

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PostSubject: Re: The new king    Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:25 pm

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The new king
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