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 Lord of the Ki

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PostSubject: Lord of the Ki   Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:44 pm

"Hmmmmm. I feel like I'm being watched," Kyo had said to himself. "I should think to myself. Just in case someone is watching me. So, they won't think that I am a weirdo or a freak or something. Whatever. Hey, what is that mysteriously mysterious shadow in the shape of a regular person with an odd slouch? I better make myself look stupid and walk toward it," Kyo thought.

Kyo did walk to the mysteriously mysterious shadow in the shape of a person with an odd slouch. The shadow then stepped back. Kyo then ran to the mysteriously mysterious shadow. Kyo then dragged it out in the bright, shiny, wonderfully wonderful sun's light. It appeared Kyo himself as a matter of fact!

" I really have an odd slouch? If I'm here then who is that? Maybe it is me from the future! He must have come here to tell me to work on posture. Is it possible that I will have a spine problem in the future? There are so many questions I have to ask him. For example, Is my hair really that amazingly amazing? Or, will I ever leave this forest and meet new people? Maybe even, will I ever fall in love? So many possibilities," Kyo thought. Kyo then ate an oddly colored berry. It was brown, browner than the Earth's soil itself. It also tasted so horribly horrible that, Kyo had struggled trying to swallow it. It tasted much like a Monkey's feces mixed in with a Rhino's feces.

After swallowing the berry, Kyo looked at his 'future-self' and noticed something. The 'future' Kyo was exactly the same as Kyo in the present. Kyo looked a little bit closer and noticed that there was rust on 'future' Kyo's arm. There was only one answer to all of this. That this was a robot. Kyo immediately destroyed the thing once he finally realized what it really, truly was. Kyo knew that the truth hurt.

Kyo was going to have leave his forest. He was going to have go on some kind of super long epic journey to go find the creator of the robot. He was going to need everything. All the help he could get. This was the beginning of a lifetime. He was going to leave. He decided to spend the rest of the day at the forest, preparing. He had a nice sleep that night. Nothing was in his to find the one person who was after him.

Kyo then left his forest. He kept flying toward the East. He didn't know where he was going. Instinct just told him to go East. Eventually he got hungry. He was starving. Not for food, but for a fight. He then saw an energy beam being fired from below. He looked down and saw a group of people and one guy on the floor.

Kyo decided to go down there. The guy on the floor was moaning in pain. He just laid there, taking the hits. He was bleeding also. Kyo shot one nice ki blast at one of them. Of course, one of them ran away, scarred for the rest of his life. The other one tried to get away, but he stopped and got ready to fight. Kyo obviously won.

Kyo then continued on his great, amazingly amazing journey. He kept flying East.
Word Count = 568
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PostSubject: Re: Lord of the Ki   Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:38 am

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Lord of the Ki
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