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 a new threat

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PostSubject: a new threat   Fri May 27, 2011 10:28 pm

Krasvt entered west city and began to look around. Because he was an insect looking creature everyone began looking at him as he walked down the road. "It would seem this is where I will begin my attack on this planet. These people do not seem to have any kind of power." Krasvt looked at the closest person and got their attention. When the person started to walk away he jabbed his tail through the persons back. He slowly drained the life from him and he fell to the ground. "That felt good. I almost feel sorry for this city. No ways to defend themselves from me. I will most certainly become the most powerful being on this planet very quickly." Kravst stood and watched the chaos he has created. Humans began running through the street to get away from Kravst. As he began to cut down the people of earth he yawned. "Is this what I have to look forward to? No one on this planet is anything compared to what I can become." He continued walking down city streets, now he began throwing Ki blasts at buildings. As buildings fell and people ran through the street chaos was taking over. People began fighting each other just to get out of the way. Cars began crashing and exploding as they ran into each other.

After an hour or so of destruction, Kravst stopped and waited. He could now feel a faint power level close by. It was only about 1500 and would be easily destroyed, but it would break up how boring destroying this city was proving to be. "Come out fool." He yelled through the street. "You must defend your planet!" No one came out to face him. He began throwing more Ki blasts into buildings. As windows exploded Kravst knew the fighter would have to come out eventually. Soon people began coming out of alleys and from cover. They all started throwing rocks and bottles at him. Anything that could be picked up was being thrown at him. "You see fool, even people with no power at all are out here trying to fight me. Where are you!?" Finally at the end of the street the mystery fighter walked out onto the street.

"My name is John. You need to leave this planet. We did nothing to you, and these people have no way to defend themselves." The figher was wearing a white cape and standing with his fists clenched.

"You should be defending them. Isnt that why you have power? You humans dont know how to unlock your true power, and that is why you will be conquered."

"I am trying to see why yyou think you can beat me. I have noticed you have no power level. So it shouldnt been to difficult to beat you." John began to take off his cape.

"You fool I am an android. a bi anrdroid to be more exact, but you can not sense my power level." John dropped his cape and suddenly Krasvy felt the power level of the human raise dramaticlly. "Your power level just went up to four thousand. To bad it still wont be enough." Krasvy charged John and began punching him and kicking him. John was proving to be a little more difficult than the android had expected. He was acctually keeping up with his attacks and blocking most of them. Krasvy pulled his tail around and hit John across the head, throwing him across a street. "That is why Humans are so easy to fight, two arms and two legs. I have a tail and it will always be undefended. You humans are just no match for me." John attacked Krasvy without thinking about it. Nothing he said was going to make the human flinch. After landing a couple of hits on Krasvy John was hit away. Krasvy walked over to him laying on the ground and put his foot on his chest. "I even told you to watch the tail, and you still didnt do anything to stop it." Krasvy pushed down and crushed his chest. John lay lifeless on the ground and the other humans looked in horror. "No one will ever defeat me. I am going to destroy this planet, and I will do it when you least expect it. So live your life in fear people of earth." Krasvy flew away.
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PostSubject: Re: a new threat   Fri May 27, 2011 10:41 pm

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Please put the word count next time.

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a new threat
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