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 Kerbasi and Bedlum train again

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PostSubject: Kerbasi and Bedlum train again   Mon May 23, 2011 3:49 pm

Kerbasi and Bedlum are heading back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They always enjoy there time training and getting stronger it’s a chance for them to bond. When Kerbasi first got to New Vegeta Kerbasi was training a lot more but after the recent incidents that they have encountered they haven’t been to optimistic about returning to the training grounds. The two had done a little sparing with each other just outside of their space ship but not too much since they were attacked at the training grounds. The two friends are excited to get back into their training routine, the stronger they get the more prepared that they will be to go back and retake their planet. The Namekians on earth are doing well, Kerbasi was originally upset about Bedlum coming back but is now thank full to have his friend back by his side. As the two are flying towards the Chamber the two are joking about each others fighting stiles, just plain having fun. Life is pretty much back to normal for them finally and as the two approach the entrance to the chamber they begin to get their game faces on. They walk through the door and walk in the room a ways they begin stretching in preparation for their fight.
The two stand up and face each other and Kerbasi says to Bedlum, “I am ready when you are, let’s get this started.” Bedlum does not waste any time he powers up, “Kaio-Ken times Five…… Super Masenko!!!” Kerbasi is caught off guard by how quickly Bedlum was able to power up. Kerbasi tried to dodge to the sid but was hit by the blast and knocked back several feet. Bedlum chuckles and says, “I thought you said you were ready?” “I didn’t expect that but thanks for showing me something new, Now let me teach you something….” Kerbasi lets out a loud grunting scream as the ground begins to shake, energy begins to form and in an explosion of power Kerbasi emerges with a red colored aura around him, his muscles are bigger with the veins popping out. Kerbasi rushes back in throwing a series of vicious punches and ending with a kick that Bedlum blocks. Bedlum returns a combination of his own after taking several punches from Kerbasi. Kerbasi blocks most of Bedlums punches and kicks but is hit by the last kick and stumbles back a bit. Kerbasi then yells, “FLASHING Ka-Me-Haa-Mee-Haaa!!!” he launches the blast using re direct and as Bedlum jumps out of the way the blast follows him. Bedlum is knocked to the ground by the attack. He gets back to his feet and rushes in throwing a combination, Kerbasi retaliates with his own combination. The two go back and for throwing combinations. Kerbasi is impressed at how far Bedlum has come, Kerbasi had no idea that he would be able to progress this fast. Bedlum to was impressed he had watched Kerbasi hit to transformations and has seen him grow with them and how easily he is able to control the added power. The two fighters are still throwing huge combinations back and forth when Kerbasi lands a kick that sends Bedlum flying back. He regains his footing and charges up his attack, “KAIO-KEN KAMEHAMEHAA!!!” the blast begins raging down on Kerbasi. Kerbasi quickly builds a blast of his own firing back a Final Kamehameha the two fight with their blasts back and forth. Bedlum notices that he is losing and pushes harder at the same time so does Kerbasi, Kerbasi lets out a shout and knocks the blast at Bedlum knocking him out of Kaio-Ken. Bedlum begins to pick himself up off the ground. Kerbasi lands next to him and reaches out his hand to help him up, Bedlum reaches out his hand and accepts the help. Bedlum now on his feet says, “I guess were done for the day?” Kerbasi chuckles back a bit, “Yea, I think so I don’t want to hurt you too bad.” The two smile at each other and leave the chamber.

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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi and Bedlum train again   Mon May 23, 2011 4:05 pm

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Kerbasi and Bedlum train again
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