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 Training turns Ugly

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PostSubject: Training turns Ugly   Fri May 20, 2011 7:24 am

Kerbasi has just recently reached his new level of transformation but hasn’t had a chance to use it sinc his fight the other day when he discovered it. A lot of the Saiyans are not very much stronger than Kerbasi but the training is good on New Vegeta they have begun to show him some new moves, and challenged him in many different ways. Many of them have been very courteous and show about as much compassion as some Saiyans can and it has really impressed Kerbasi and helped him get through this tough time. Right now Kerbasi is fighting with a couple Saiyans and he hasn’t had to power up he is just working on his basic techniques. Bedlum is doing the same with another. There training has been going good so far but they have sensed a few more Saiyans coming their way and one of them seems decently powerful. Kerbasi and Bedlum continue training with their opponents as the group lands on the other side the Saiyans look at the two Namekians while they are fighting the one Saiyan sends his minions to go stop the fights. The Saiyans that Kerbasi and Bedlum fighting are not looking for any trouble so they leave without question.

The Minions return over to the rest of the group and Kerbasi and Bedlum walk over to see what is going on. Kerbasi asks, “Why did you stop our training? What is going on here?” The more powerful of the Saiyans responds back, “We don’t want you here you are a disgrace to our planet. You’ve been here to long and now it is time for you to pay for it.” Kerbasi is kind of put off and confused by the Saiyan and says, “What have we done to offend you? Do you want us to leave?” The Saiyan again answers back, “It is too late for that. Now you must pay.” Kerbasi answers back, “we are not looking for a fight.” The Saiyan answers, “Whether you are looking for one or not one has just found you.” As he says this his points and his minions rush in. Bedlum taps Kerbasi and lets him know that he will take care of them. Bedlum then ruses in and meets the minions half way. Bedlum is doing a pretty good job of holding his own. Kerbasi stands back and watches the other Saiyans making sure that it stays a fair fight. Finally the stronger Saiyan sends his other Saiyans at Kerbasi they are not very strong and Kerbasi is having little trouble fighting with them. Kerbasi and Bedlum are going blow for blow with their opponents. Neither one of them want to kill their opponents. Bedlum finally lands a blow to one of the minions that drops him to the ground unconscious. The fighters continue on throwing combinations back and forth and Kerbasi is able to take down both of his opponents and Bedlum has taken down another one of his. The strong Saiyan is now furious and powers up rushing at Kerbasi. Kerbasi begins taking punches from his opponent. He is knocked to the ground and gets back up and rushes in using meteor combination he holds back his power on the blast at the end because he is not trying to kill his opponent and he can tell how strong he is. Even more enraged the Saiyan now rushes back in on Kerbasi landing a combination and finishing with a powerful kick launching him up into the air. He then pulls his hand to the side and begins forming energy in it while calling out, “KA-ME-HAA-MEE-HAAA!!!” launching the blast at Kerbasi. He put a lot of energy in it and Kerbasi tries to dodge it, it is heading straight for his head. Kerbasi attempts to fly above it but it catches his leg blowing it off of his body. Kerbasi screams in pain and begins grunting while he regenerates his leg. The Saiyan begins chuckling thinking that he has this fight in the bag. As Kerbasi’s leg grows back into place he lets out a cry as he begins to power up to his Super Namek form. With an explosion of energy he walks up to the Saiyan as the Saiyan throws a punch Kerbasi rushes to the other side and says, “BOO!” the Saiyan turns his head in surprise at how fast the Namekian is able to move. Kerbasi begins hitting him with fierce combinations of kicks and punches and finishes with a knee. Bedlum is still fighting with the last minion he power up to Kaio-Ken times three and ends the fight with his opponent. Bedlum’s opponents are picking themselves up off the ground, and flying away, wanting nothing to do with the Nameks anymore. Bedlum power down and watches Kerbasi who is now completely in control of his fight. Kerbasi continues punishing his opponent with combinations. He stops for a second and gives the Saiyan a chance to leave but the Saiyan launches a few Ki Blasts at Kerbasi one hitting him in the face stunning him for a second the Saiyan rushes in using Final Revenger and hitting Kerbasi to the ground as he fires of a powerful blast in an effort to kill Kerbasi, Kerbasi uses After Image to avoid the final blow of the attack. Kerbasi has had enough and rushes back in with a combination and finishes it with a powerful two handed hit that launches his opponent to the ground. Kerbasi lands next him as he begins picking himself off the ground Kerbasi steps on his chest and forms a small bal of energy at his finger tip. He looks at the Saiyan and says, “Enough, your finished, leave us alone I don’t want to kill you but if you continue to threaten me and my friend I will.” The Saiyan nodes his head and Kerbasi lets him up he and the other leave the training grounds. Kerbasi walks over to Bedlum and complement how strong he has gotten, the two take off to go find Altair and let him know what has happened.

Word Count 1,021
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PostSubject: Re: Training turns Ugly   Fri May 20, 2011 12:14 pm

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Training turns Ugly
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