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  Kerbasi the Super Namek

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PostSubject: Kerbasi the Super Namek   Wed May 18, 2011 12:14 pm

Kerbasi knows that he is so close to a new level of power that he never thought was possible. He has been training hard and can feel that he is on the verge of something big. He heads over to the Training Grounds on New Vegeta looking for a worthy opponent to see if he can break through as he did before while training with Bedlum. He remembers this feeling from that fight he had been pushing himself so hard and trying to get even more powerful. As he lands he hears a couple of the Saiyans laughing at him and commenting on how that the names had lost their planet and how it would never happen to theirs. Kerbasi went over to confront them. They began to argue and insult each other and finally Kerbasi asked if they would like to fight to settle it. The two Saiyans being so prideful agreed eagerly they figured that it would be an easy chance for them to get to beat up on a Namekian. Kerbasi was just tired of them making jokes at his expense. The two fighters continued cracking jokes as they got down into their fighting stance. Kerbasi getting angry now just rushes in and begins throwing punches the Saiyans are fast but not as fast as Kerbasi they come back with punches of their own. Kerbasi is having no trouble with them at this time and they continue fighting Kerbasi begins to get a little cocky himself begins to insult the Saiyans and they are beginning to get angry. They continue fight throwing powerful combinations back and forth Kerbasi is enjoying the fight because he is proving that he is stronger than the Saiyans. Finally the Saiyans have had enough and say, “are you ready to take this to the next level?” Kerbasi agrees and the Saiyans do the same thin Altair did in there previous training and against the Icers.

Mean while Bedlum has just landed on the planet and has been asking around about Kerbasi. All the sudden he senses two power levels increase almost instantly. He rushes over to see what it is. As he arrives at the Training grounds he sees Kerbasi standing in front of two Saiyans with a glowin aura and glowing hair. There power is very strong, so he flys over to see if Kerbasi needs help, after all he did used to be his body guard it was still kind of programmed in his head. He lands next to Kerbasi and realizes that he is not at his full power yet this kind of reassures Bedlum. Bedlum asks, “Hey do you need any help?” Kerbasi responds, “If you want the training your more than welcome to join. We will talk about why you’re here when this is over.” Bedlum agrees with a nod and prepares to fight. The Saiyans are again insulting the Nameks and chanting that they Saiyans are just a superior race and going on and on Bedlum begins to get angry and understands why Kerbasi is fighting them. Bedlum and Kerbasi power up as well Kerbasi goes to his Super Namek and Bedlum to his Kaio Ken times two. The fighters rush at each other throwing multiple combinations. Bedlum cant keep up and begins stepping up going all the way to Kaio Ken times five. Bedlum is doing better there and is doing everything he can to help. Kerbasi continues throwing punches and kicks as does his opponent . All of the fighters are now engaged in throwing combinations back and forth. Bedlum is knocked back by his opponent and the his opponent cocks back and yells, “ KA-ME-HAA-MEE-HAAAA!!!!” the attack knocks Bedlum directly to the earth he screams out in pain. Kerbasi turns as he hears the scream. All Kerbasi can see of his friend is his torso an arm and his head his limbs are scattered across the training grounds. Kerbasi rushes the other fighter with Meteor Combination but before he can fire off the blast the other Saiyan hits Kerbasi with a Kamehameha. Kerbasi is hit hard by the attack and the two fighter take advantage of it. They rush him hitting him with multiple combinations Kerbasi is getting seriously beat down. He get knocked to the ground and sees Bedlum lying there trying to regenerate his missing body parts and picks him up and flys him of to the side and tells him to rest and heal himself there Kerbasi rushes back in and the Saiyans begin again on Kerbasi telling him that this is why his planet fell and that he couldn’t protect his people. That was all that that Kerbasi could take he yells and He can feel the power rushing through his body and he lets loose letting it take him and as he does his aura expands and the ground trembles with an almost explosion like burst of energy. The other Saiyans power down and apologize the have never seen a Namek with so much power. They leave the Training area and Kerbasi goes back over to to find Bedlum standing he had healed himself. Bedlum’s jaw is hanging almost to the floor and Kerbasi looks at him and says, “I don’t know either but I like it.” He chuckles a little bit and the two friends head back.

Word Count 890
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi the Super Namek   Wed May 18, 2011 12:24 pm

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Kerbasi the Super Namek
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