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PostSubject: Back to the Chamber   Wed May 18, 2011 7:42 am

Kerbasi has begun to feel as if he is on the path to unlocking more power inside him. He is not quite sure yet what it is or where it will come from or what it will do but Kerbasi is now going back to the Gravity Chamber. Kerbasi knows that every day he trains he is getting closer and closer to becoming strong enough to take on the Icers. In the back of Kerbasi’s mind he still worries about His people and Bedlum but he knows the Bedlum is training as well and getting stronger to help protect the people. So far the Icers have attacked Earth and New Namek it is beginning to seem as if the Icers are trying to take over the whole universe, and Kerbasi knows that the stronger he is the better he will be able to help stop them. He is learning to put his worries behind him and focus on the tasks at hand, it has not been easy for him but he is now becoming able to maintain what he needs to do. Kerbasi has just landed at the Gravity Chamber and walks to the door. He walks through the door and begins to stretch out a bit and begins warming himself up.

Kerbasi walk over to the controls and begins to reset them to where he had them the other day setting the gravity again to forty times that of the earth and turning the combat training controls to fifteen. He presses the start button and transforms to his Namek Warrior form as the bots come out. They count down and rush in and begin to surround Kerbasi. Kerbasi begins throwing combinations or kicks and punches at his opponents. They begin blocking and throwing combinations back at Kerbasi he blocks there attacks and they continue back and forth. Kerbasi focuses on one and launches some Ki Blasts back at the others to keep them back. Kerbasi throws a few punches and then lands a knee to the stomach of his opponent and as he keels over Kerbasi finishes with a kick to his opponents head. The bots head goes flying off and Kerbasi turns to face his other opponents as they rush back in. the begin throwing punches and Kerbasi jumps back and launches a Special Beam Cannon at his opponent on his left it destroys him. Kerbasi is beginning to notice the difference as the bots take on the power from the bots that the he has already take down. There are three bots remaining and Kerbasi is having a hard time blocking their punches, he is taking more punches. Kerbasi launches himself into the air again and fires off Scatter Shot at his opponents then uses Meteor Combination on the bot to his right the final blast of the attack destroys the bot. Kerbasi turns back to the two remaining bots, as he rushes in on one throwing a furious combination on punches he finishes with a kick to the bots chest knocking him back and fires a Light Grenade at his opponent killing him instantly. There is now one bot remaining it rushes Kerbasi while he launches the Light Grenade and as soon as Kerbasi launches the attack the bot kicks him and continues with a few punches and a few kicks. The bot continues to punish Kerbasi with his blows, finally Kerbasi blocks an attack and counter with a combination of his own the bot stumbles back and Kerbasi forms his newly learned technique he fires off his Flashing Kamehameha and the bot desinagrates in the attack. Kerbasi lands and reverts to his normal form and turns off the controls. He walks out the door closing it behind him. He takes off felling like he is so close to his new power that he can taste it. Soon very soon he will be more power full then he ever thought was possible.

Word Count 656
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PostSubject: Re: Back to the Chamber   Wed May 18, 2011 7:53 am

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