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 Ready for the king.

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PostSubject: Ready for the king.    Tue May 17, 2011 8:45 pm

Once again they were in the Hyperbolic time chamber. Kaman and Ryder stood there trying to figure out what they were going to do to train. They didn’t know how Kaman was going to make a difference fighting against a Super Saiyan, so they needed to figure out how to train him more. Kaman had an idea. “Ryder you stay here and practice staying bulked up as a Super Saiyan. I will be back shortly.” Ryder looked confused, but knew Kaman knew what he was doing. So Ryder turned into a Super Saiyan and began charging up. His muscles once again gained size and he felt more powerful than he ever had in his life. This new power was amazing. Ryder soon realized that Kaman being a few minutes on New Vegeta would mean that he would be gone for days or even months to Ryder. That was no matter to Ryder he just continued trying to push his limits even higher. Finally Kaman came running in to the chamber. “You might wanna be ready to fight.” Ryder wondered what Kaman had gotten them into. After a couple seconds five Saiyan warriors entered the room.

“You there, you are under arrest by order of the king. You have been banished from new Vegeta.” Ryder laughed. “You dare laugh at the king’s guards?” Ryder looked at the enemies that stood in front of him.

“You need to realize one thing my friends. Very soon you will be working for me. Well at least your co-workers will be. You on the other hand will have a very good ceremony for your death.” The warriors clenched their fists. The one in the front, who was obviously the leader, held a finger up at Ryder.

“We will take care of you soon enough. It is the traitor that will be dealt with now.” Ryder didn’t know what he meant by traitor but it didn’t matter. These fighters were no where near his level. Ryder looked back at Kaman who seemed a little worried at the comments that were just made.

“You are about to meet your end.” Ryder charged the warriors and punched two of the knocking them out with two clean hits to the face. He turned back to the other three. “Do you want me to fight you one on one or would you like me to fight you all at the same time?” The fights all brought their hands into their waists.

“GALIC GUN!” Ryder Was hit by three galic guns at the same time. Smoke filled the area and the fighters began to look at Kaman. “Is that what you came to get us for! A weak wanna be Super Saiyan? Did you die his hair?” Finally the smoke began to clear, and Ryder was standing in the middle unmoved.

“No he came and got you so I could practice fighting Saiyan Warriors. And if that is what New Vegeta is putting out, I think your king will be easy to get rid of. With that being said…” Ryder began charging his energy again. The guards were all thrown backwards. Ryder was fast enough to have kicked all of them before they fell to the ground. He began using them as balls that he would juggle in the air to build his speed. He finally let them fall to the ground. “Get up.” They slowly got to their feet. “You leave now. Go tell the king I am on my way. He better be warmed up before I get there. I will not go easy on him, and I will not let up until I am dead.” The warriors immediately ran for the door. “That was fun father. I cant wait until they have to listen to me. They will be the first to be let go as guards.” Ryder and Kaman sat down. Ryder was sweating a little but didn’t seem to mind. The two sat and discussed the strategy for fighting the king, but Ryder knew he was going to have to do it alone. And from there Ryder got up to leave the chamber. It was time for the king to fall by the hands of Ryder.

Word Count: 700

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PostSubject: Re: Ready for the king.    Tue May 17, 2011 10:01 pm





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Ready for the king.
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