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 Kerbasi visits the Gravity Chamber again.

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PostSubject: Kerbasi visits the Gravity Chamber again.   Tue May 17, 2011 5:39 pm

Kerbasi has been working hard on trying to control his emotions and thankfully his friends have been there to help him out the have trained with him and helped him blow off some steam that way. They have also helped try to reassure him that when the time is right they will help him retake his planet. Kerbasi has also gotten word from Bedlum telling him that he is safe and his people made it safely to earth. These things also comforted Kerbasi. Even with all the unknowns of everything that has been going on Kerbasi still knows that he will have to go back and fight sooner or later and when he does he knows that he wants to be ready for the Icers. Kerbasi is now heading to the Gravity Chamber it will be the first time he has been there on New Vegeta but Altair and Ryder told him that it is very similar to the one back on New Namek. Altair and Ryder had shown him were it was and know he is traveling there on his own. As Kerbasi walks in the door he realizes that I really is very similar to the on back on his planet. He begins walking around and looking at everything it all the same there are minor differences in color and shape but everything for the most part is the same. Kerbasi walks over and sets the controls the same as he did back on New Namek he sets the gravity to forty times the earths gravity and sets the combat difficulty to fifteen hoping it will be the same as his planet.
As before the robots come out and do their typical countdown Kerbasi is still impressed by how much the robots look like Icers. The five robots now surround Kerbasi and begin throwing punches and kicks at him. Kerbasi transforms to his Namek Warrior form the burst of energy from his power up sent the robots back a bit. Kerbasi rushes in on one robot and kicks him swiftly in the chin knocking him up into the air. He continues to focus on this robot until Kerbasi punches through the robot and Kerbasi watches as it drops to the ground. With his back turned it is easy for the robots to catch him with a few kicks and punches Kerbasi turns around and responds with multiple combinations to each of them. They are now locked in every one is throwing combinations Kerbasi is doing a good job of blocking their punches and taking little damage. Kerbasi rushes another bot and sends him flying with a powerful kick to the chest, with the bot flying away from him Kerbasi yell out, “Final Kamehameha!!!” the bot is engulfed by the blast and is destroyed. The three remaining bots rush in on Kerbasi, he again is struck by a few blows while his back is turned “I really need to get better at that if these guys were an stronger the would overtake me like that.” He thinks to himself. He turns around and isolates one of the remaining bots knocking him back to the ground Kerbasi turns to the other bot and kicks him in the chest an yells, “Final Flash!!!” the attack destroys the bot blowing to pieces. He turns around and rushes back in on the other bot throwing several kicks and punches and finishing with a knee the bot blocks the knee and counters with a combination of his own throwing a flurry of punches and knees and finishing with a kick. Kerbasi is hit by the kick and thrown backwards. The bot launches a powerful Ki Attack it too hits Kerbasi tearing his arm off. Kerbasi drops to the groundand with the hand he has left he uses Special Beam cannon the attack tears through the bot who explodes when he hits the ground. Kerbasi drops to the ground and screams as he regenerates his arm. Kerbasi walks over to the controls and resets them back to zero and turns to leave Kerbasi is beginning to feel better about everything he can feel himself getting stronger the more he trains. He steps out the door and closes it behind him and takes off.

word count - 708
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi visits the Gravity Chamber again.   Tue May 17, 2011 10:02 pm

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Kerbasi visits the Gravity Chamber again.
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