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 Kerbasi trains on New Vegeta

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Title: The Elder Namek

PostSubject: Kerbasi trains on New Vegeta   Mon May 16, 2011 7:01 pm

In the fight with the Icers Kerbasi had used his transformation to Namek Warrior and it work well but was not good enough to actually defeat the Icers. They had to flee the planet not even Altair and Ryder two Super Sayians were not able to beat these Icers. Kerbasi knows that he will have to train even harder to get to where he needs to be to stop the Icers and reclaim his planet. Kerbasi has now fled to New Vegeta with Altair, Ryder, and Darthwin. Bedlum went to Earth with the rest of the Nameks. He sent his people to earth because he knew they would be safe there for now until they could go back home. Kerbasi sent Bedlum with them to watch over them and to ensure their safety. Kerbasi went to New Vegeta because he would be able to train while he was there, and if the Icers were to attack there he would be there to help defend against their attacks. Kerbasi knows that his planet and possibly others are nowhere near safe, as long as the Icers are still alive. Kerbasi is getting ready to continue his training by going to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. It will be the firt time he will go to the one here on New Vegeta. He is not yet sure if it will be similar to the one on New Namek. Altair and Ryder had told him where to find it and he headed there now. On his way he remembers how hard he had trained back on New Namek and he still was no match for the Icers. Kerbasi is feeling a little discouraged after on his way to the chamber but understands that he will have to clear his mind in order to train properly. As he enters the chamber he notices that it is very similar to the one back on New Namek he walked over to the controls that were again not far from the door. He adjust the controls according to what he had used back on his planet by adjusting the combat controls to five to see where it would get him. All the sudden what appeared to be Icers appeared in the Chamber with him. Kerbasi was enraged at seeing there faces remembering what the had done to his planet. Kerbasi screamed in anger as he transformed with a burst of energy to his Namek Warrior form He quickly began attacking the Robot Icers with everything he has throwing combinations of kicks and punches. There are five robots throwing punches and kicks back at him Kerbasi is having no trouble blocking there attacks and I easily able to take down two of the bots. It is beginning to get more difficult as the other bots take on the power of the bots that Kerbasi has already killed. Kerbasi continues to throw combinations while blocking most of the bots attacks. Kerbasi is taking little damage but nothing too threatening. Kerbasi rushes one of them using Meteor Combination as the final blast of the multi hit attack lands completely destroying the bot. Now with only two bots left Kerbasi is trying to figure out how he is going to finish them off as the bots rush back in. They rush him throwing combinations of kicks and punches. Kerbasi is blocking as many punches as he can but is still taking some damage, Kerbasi returns the favor with several combinations of his own back at the bots. Kerbasi manages to hit one with a powerful kick which sends him flying backwards Kerbasi takes the opportunity to rush in and use his Final Revenger attack it works and after the final blow lands Kerbasi cries out, “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!” launching the furious attack and taking out another opponent. Kerbasi is ready to end the fight and as the other bot rushes back in Kerbasi side steps his attack and his opponent flies past him and Kerbasi screams, “LIGHT GRENADE!!!!” it hits and destroys his final opponent. With that Kerbasi leaves the chamber with a small sense of accomplishment.

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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi trains on New Vegeta   Mon May 16, 2011 7:08 pm

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Kerbasi trains on New Vegeta
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