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 Ryders False Ascension.

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PostSubject: Ryders False Ascension.    Sun May 15, 2011 9:28 pm

Ryder found a nice secluded spot where he wouldn’t be found. It was a warehouse that would also protect them from any scouters finding them. Ryder was in the spot he was waiting for. He was now on New Vegeta and he was a Super Saiyan. The king was in his grasp and now just a little more training he would be over the top. No one was going to stop Ryder from killing the king of the Saiyans.

“Father, are you ready to train? We have a lot of work to do.” Kaman looked down at the ground. He seemed a little disappointed in Ryder.

“Don’t you get it son. We just got our tails handed to us by some Icers. Don’t you see that killing the king of the Saiyans only comes second to making sure our sworn enemies are defeated and Kerbasi gets his people back to there planet?” Ryder was a little upset at what his father was saying, but he was right. Ryder just didn’t want to see it.

“You are wrong. I must defeat him and take the throne. I don’t think anything else is important right now. I think we need to do this before we go back to Namek. We need to make sure the people of New Vegeta are freed from the evil that rules it.” Kaman still looked upset.

“Even though I don’t think we should wait to go help the Namekians I think I do need to help you do what you think is right. You have spent so much time following me doing everything I have ever told you, I think it is time for me to help you. Only thing I ask of you is that when you defeat the king you use your power to help Namek.” Ryder nodded his head and was extremely relieved that Kaman was going to finally help him. “But the one thing you need to do is perfect the Super Saiyan. You need to be able to push your powers to the very limit. You need to be able to push yourself past the point of a Super Saiyan. You need to ascend past that point.”

“Father, is there anything past Super Saiyan? It doesn’t seem possible to push yourself past the most powerful being in the universe.” Ryder was extremely confused. How could there be a being stronger than a Super Saiyan.

“Think about what you said there Ryder. You think there is nothing stronger than a Super Saiyan, but some Icers just wrecked us. I think we need to keep pushing your body until it just wont go anymore, or until it evolves again. Now trying powering up.” Ryder agreed, he made a good point about the Icers. So Ryder charged up and turned into the Super Saiyan. His aura was bright yellow and his hair turned gold. Everything in the room was being pushed against the walls. Kaman was slowly being pushed back with everything else in the room. “You need to push harder. Force your energy to raise.” Ryder kept pushing himself harder and harder. Suddenly he stopped. “What is it son?”

“You don’t feel that energy level outside. There is someone outside the door.” Ryder walked over to the door and opened it. Outside the door there was two Saiyans standing there in full battle armor. “Something tells me you want to walk away right now.” The Saiyans walked in the room.

“No friend I think its you that wants to start explaining yourself. The only person that has ever had that kind of force is the king. Who are you?” Ryder looked at the Saiyan armor and than laughed.

“If you don’t know anyone on this planet with the same power as the king. Why would you just walk up to someone who does? Don’t you think you should come up with more warriors?” The Saiyan warriors looked at Ryder in horror. “And you guessed it, you are about to be destroyed.”

“You don’t think we would come out here without letting someone know where and what we were doing, do you?” Ryder knew in minutes they would have a bunch of Saiyan warriors at the door.

“I guess we will have to do this quickly, wont we?” Ryder was still a Super Saiyan so he attacked them quickly without fail. A couple of hits and they were unconscious on the floor. Lets get out of here.” Ryder walked to the front door and looked out. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” He pointed out the Saiyan warriors that were now very close. To get a head start he began to power up. When the warriors got to him he could see even though he was a lot more powerful than all of them there would be to many for him and Kaman to fight alone. They were trying to hold there ground but the energy Ryder was putting off was making it difficult for them to stand in place. Suddenly Ryder felt it. His Muscles started to bulk up. Did he just push himself past the limit Kaman was talking about? Ryder was now huge and his power level was even higher than before. He put one hand in the air and created a death ball over his head. “I will give you one chance to leave now. And if you ever tell anyone what you have seen here I will hunt you down. Is that understood.” The Saiyan warriors all looked worried and they took off. “I don’t think that is going to be the last time we see them. We are going to have to keep moving until we reach the king.” Kaman came and stood next to Ryder.

“I want you to notice, you did it.” Ryder smiled and went back to regular Super Saiyan. They both took off not taking the time to see if the Saiyans would come back with more warriors.

Word count: 996

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PostSubject: Re: Ryders False Ascension.    Sun May 15, 2011 9:38 pm

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Ryders False Ascension.
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