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 New Level of Power

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PostSubject: New Level of Power   Sun May 15, 2011 9:16 pm

False Super Saiyan

Darthwin was walking around his old training grounds for the moment when he noticed a group of fighters. He looked at them, as they all charged at him. They started to gang up on him and leave a few injuries while he was fighting them off. He was focusing his anger at their sudden attack. He hit the ground hard, as one looked at him. "yeah your far to weak to be a challenge" he replied, as he fired a energy wave.

Darthwin countered with a energy wave of his own the resulting explosion knocked them both backwards. He laughed a bit and increased his power. His blood was rushing to his head, as the fight continued to become more intense. He was pushing himself to his limits. He hit the ground and rolled away firing off his dragon fury at another saiyan. They were stronger then he was when they worked together. "not so great now huh" one replied, as he kicked Darthwin in the head and towards the ground. They taunted him and tried to make him get up.

Darthwin closed his eyes and powered up. He let his anger unleash itself and went on a rampage against the other saiyans. He knocked them around and kneed one hard in the chest causing him to spit up blood. He was told to follow his instincts despite the fact that he always tried to hold himself back and avoid doing that. He let everything out in a explosion of energy and watched the battlefield change in mere moments. He moved his hands in his usual dragon fury stance and fired off a massive wave of energy to blow most of them away. He looked up for a moment and realized it was not e enough though. He grit his teeth and powered up and started to dig deep into his anger. He was surpassed by many other saiyans and did not help much in the battle.

"I refuse to lose again" he shouted, as his energy raising was creating a storm around him. The ground was shaking and his power was easily sensible from across the planet. He was starting to get a golden aura around him, as a few of the survivors were panicking since it looked like Darthwin was becoming a supper saiyan. He was not quite at that point, but he was getting rather close.

"kill him now you fools one man shouted, as they started to fire energy waves at Darthwin. Darthwin was defecting them with ease, as he walked forward while his energy was fluctuating wildly. He smiled for a moment and took one Saiyans hand clean off with a single punch.

The saiyan screamed in terror and started to fee the area. Darthwin's energy was like a cyclone, as he continued fighting his opponents and knocking them around. Saya had her arms crossed while statying out of range of the slaughter. Darthwin continued laughing, as he felt his mind was clear. He felt a rush of power he never felt before. While he may have failed to become a super saiyan he tapped into a portion of his true saiyan power. He was like a beast though that would destroyed anything in his path. The screams of low level cowards amused him, as he moved his hand forward. He charged forward and placed his hand through one of his opponents and fired a hole through him.

"yes I can see now" he replied, as he looked around to see everyone in the area other then Saya was now dead. His power faded after a while and he fell to his knees and gasped for a moment. "that is the power I needed" he thought with a smirk.

627 words


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PostSubject: Re: New Level of Power   Sun May 15, 2011 9:20 pm

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False Super Saiyan!

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New Level of Power
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