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 Kerbasi reaches Namek Warrior

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PostSubject: Kerbasi reaches Namek Warrior   Thu May 12, 2011 4:42 pm

As Kerbasi and Bedlum are on their way home from the Gravity Chamber Kerbasi begins to explain what is going to happen the net day. He explains that the Icers are very powerful and that they will need all the help they can get. He also explains that Altair and Ryder will be helping as well and that Kerbasi had recently noticed that their power levels had increased tremendously. Bedlum was nervous but volunteered to help. Kerbasi then asked if he could teach him something before then. Bedlum agrees, “I will need all the help I can get.” He says.

Kerbasi stops right then and say lets do it now. “Whenever your ready.” Kerbasi says. And with that Bedlum rushes in throwing punches Kerbasi starts by dodging them then throwing some back. The two fighters go back and forth exchanging blows. Kerbasi kicks Bedlum and knocks him back. Bedlum then launches a few Ki Blast towards Kerbasi. Kerbasi dodges to the side launching a special beam cannon but Bedlum dodges as well. Bedlum rushes back in throwing kicks and punches at Kerbasi. The two again are exchanging blows till Kerbasi steps back and yells, “Kaio-Ken Times Two!!!” now moving faster Kerbasi is just dodging more than throwing punches. As the fight continues Bedlum is confused at how Kerbasi is able to double his power level. Kerbasi notices and tells him that is what he is going to teach him he just has to show he is ready to learn. Kerbasi is surprised himself because Kaio-Ken is becoming easier and easier for him. Kerbasi can see that Bedlum is getting agrivated by missing so many punches so he lets him land a few more here and there. Finally Bedlum moves back launching a furry of Ki blasts again. Kerbasi begins progressing through all the different levels of Kaioken and continues fighting till he finally reaches Kaio Ken times Five once he does. He lets Bedlum rest for a bit and says you are still young I am glad to teach you this now though so that you will have a better chance just remember I am trusting you with this dont let me down.

The sit and rest for a while then Kerbasi begins teaching him the technique. As Kerbasi expected Bedlum was learning the technique very quickly and almost effortlessly Kerbasi knew that he was a natural fighter but had no idea he was this good. Kerbasi rested while Bedlum continued training. Kerbasi was still shocked about how easy it was for him to progress through all the levels of Kaio Ken. Kerbasi can’t help thinking that he was on the verge of a break through. Kebasi began working on his own and went all the way to Kaio Ken times Five he turned to see Bedlum was at the same and Kerbasi jokingly launched some Ki Blasts at him. And Bedlum answered back then rushed in throwing punches the two were fightin at KaioKen times Five. Kerbasi was very impressed at how well Bedlum was able to handle the increase of power in such a short time. Kerbasi then descides to try and push himself even harder and cries out with everything he has. The aura around him explodes and he has done it he has acheaved a new level of power. Bedlum dropes back to his original state and Kerbasi begins throwing punches faster than ever his new power is incredible and he isn’t draining his energy like in Kaio Ken. He dropes back to his normal state and Bedlum asks “What was that?” Kerbasi replies, “I think I just became a Nemek Warrior?!?!?!”
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi reaches Namek Warrior   Thu May 12, 2011 4:52 pm

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Namek Warrior gained


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Kerbasi reaches Namek Warrior
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