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 Ryder goes Super Saiyan

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PostSubject: Ryder goes Super Saiyan   Wed May 11, 2011 8:28 pm

Ryder stood next to Kaman as Parunga disappeared. Ryder had just wished for a huge power level increase. “Father, I think this is the edge I need. I think I can defeat the king of the Saiyans.” Kaman looked at him.

“Ryder, you put a lot of effort into finding the dragonballs. You must remember the king of the Saiyans is a Super Saiyan. Even with this huge power level increase I still think the king will defeat you.” Ryder clenched his fist and looked at Kaman with anger.

“You’re wrong. I am going to defeat him. and this is going to be the time. I will be leaving soon. You can come with me if you want, but I am leaving now.” Ryder flew into the air without another word, but Kaman grabbed his foot.

“I am sorry son, but the king kicked me off the planet. And he has a lot of fighters on his side. You will lose, and I will not let you go.” Ryder turned back to his father.

“You only have two choices in the matter, you can either go with me or stay here on Namek, nothing else.” Kaman looked down at the ground and let go of Ryder’s foot.

“You are right son. But that doesn’t mean I will let you go. I will have to force in option C.” Kaman reached his hand forward again and grabbed his foot. This time he threw him towards the ground. “I told you once son, I don’t care how strong you are, I will always beat you. And you are not going anywhere.” Ryder was slammed into the ground. Kaman was already charging an energy beam in his hand. “GALIC GUN!” The energy wave rushed towards Ryder. As Ryder looked up he saw it was coming at him. He quickly got to his feet.

“KAMEHAMEHA!” The two blasts collided in the middle. “You will not get in my way father. You will allow me to complete my mission!” Kaman didn’t even seem to flinch.

“I am sorry son. You are not strong enough.” Kaman put a little more effort behind the attack and it started moving closer to Ryder who was slowly being pushed to a knee. Ryder let the energy go allowing Kaman’s attack to hit him. Ryder was pushed back against the ground. He stood up and looked up at Kaman only to turn away and fly into the air. Kaman realized he wasn’t going to fight back, so he flew in front of Ryder and kicked him in the face throwing him back.

“I am not going to fight you father. I am saving my energy for the king of the saiyans.” Kaman flew at him again and punched him a few times, but Ryder didn’t fight back.

“This is why you wont beat him. You are still a little boy who throws tantrums. AND YOU WILL NEVER RULE OVER THE SAIYANS!” Kaman realized Ryder had clenched his fist.

“You don’t have to be there for me, but stay out of my way.” Ryder charged Kaman and began throwing kicks and punches at him. “YOU ARE THE WEAK ONE! BIG BANG CANNON!” The blast was shot right in his face throwing him backwards. When the smoke cleared Kaman was still floating in the air. His clothes were a little torn but no major wounds. Ryder put his hand into the air, and a giant ball of energy was created in his hand. “You remember this attack don’t you? I will use it on you if you don’t move.” Kaman did not move. He put his hands together on his waist. “You would really take this attack in order to stop me from leaving this planet?”

“I will do anything to stop you from making a mistake. This is the last training you will get from me. Take it for what its worth.” Ryder threw the ball at Kaman who immediately launched the Galic Gun he was charging. The giant sphere collided with Kaman’s attack. “You have done it son. You are now strong enough to defeat him. You are ready to do what you need to kill the king of the Saiyans. Don’t let him change the way you think, and take what is rightfully yours.” At that moment Ryder realized what he just did. As he watched the ball of energy slowly move towards his own father he realized he was going to kill his own father to fight the king.

“FATHER!” Ryder charged to where his father was struggling with holding the ball back. Ryder pushed Kaman out of the way and took the entire ball on his hands. As he held it over his head and away from the planet Kaman stood up. That’s when he realized his son’s hair. His hair was glowing gold and the aura around him was bright yellow. Ryder threw the ball into the atmosphere where it disappeared.

“Son, you did it. You are a Super Saiyan.” Ryder looked at Kaman and smiled.

“You think we are ready?” Kaman nodded.

“We are ready but we must stay here a little longer and make sure you have full control of your power.” Ryder knew his father was always right. His hair returned to black and for the first time he hugged his father.

Word count: 889

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PostSubject: Re: Ryder goes Super Saiyan   Wed May 11, 2011 8:33 pm

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Ryder goes Super Saiyan
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