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Kaien Shiba

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PostSubject: Training   Wed May 11, 2011 5:41 pm

Kaien walk in the gravity chamber and press the 2x times button, as soon as he did he felt the pressure of the extra gravity on him, he stumbled and almost fell. After a second or two he was able to ctach himself and be able to stand. He had a smile on his face as he started to walk around and try to get use to the gravity. It didnt take him long to be able to get the hang of walking, Kaien was happy that he was a fast learner or he would be there alot more than what he wanted.

He then walked over to the button that hed the name bot over the top of it, he then pressed it and watched a bot come from the sky. Kaien smiled at the bot as the bot looked just like him. Without a word Kaien rushed at the bot and then sent two punches at it. The bot was able dodge it and counter his finial attack, whihc sent kaien flying into the ground. Kaien could tell that the bot wasent as strong as him, but the gravity made Kaien fall alot harder to the ground. Kaien smiled as he stood up.

He looked at the clone as then thre two ki blast at each side of the clone to see where its slower side was at. Just as Kaien predicted the clone was able tot dodge all of the blast, but Kien was also able to tell that the left side of the clone was the slower side, Kaien smiled and the rushed to that side of the clone. When Kaien got there he threw one Ki blast at the ground and then jumped into the air. When Kaien threw the Ki blast the clone jumped up to where Kaien was at, Kaien kicked the clone right in the chest.

Kaien watched as the clone fell alot harder then Kaien did, seeing as though they were alot higher in the air. Kaien smiled as he watched the vlone fell down to the ground, Kaien saw that the bot was twicting a bit from having a screw or two knock out of it. Kaien then sent a Kamehameha at the bot, the bot was able to send one as well, but due to it not being at full power it couldnt be able to win the battel with him. Kaien smiled as he watched the bot become destroyed.

Kaien then relied that he was doing all that in 2x gravity without trying hard. Kaien smiled and then looked at the destroyed bot that laied their on the ground in bits and peices. Kaien then called for a clean up crew and then left.
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PostSubject: Re: Training   Wed May 11, 2011 6:28 pm

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