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 Kerbasi trains again in the gravity chamber.

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PostSubject: Kerbasi trains again in the gravity chamber.   Wed May 11, 2011 12:20 pm

With Kerbasi now being the leader of the Namek’s. And with that he now has spies, and guards. His intel has picked up that his planet will be attacked in two days. Now that Kerbasi has a reliable time for the attack he knows that he will have to train as hard as he can in preparation for the attacks. Every minute counts at this point, he has been pushing himself hard but not as hard as he will have to if he want to stand a chance against the Icers. Intel has told him that its not going to be an easy fight if he wants any chance of keeping his planet safe. Unsure of what the Icers want Kerbasi has begun prepping the planet letting his people know that the most important thing is their safety but if you can help please do the second priority is the Dragon Balls it would not be the first time someone had attacked the planet for them. Kerbasi will have a meeting with his planets leaders later today to discuss what needs to happen with the people of the planet during the attack. With all this going on Kerbasi tells his guards he needs some time alone to go train. He warns them to be on alert for scouts that the icers may send to gather more intel before there attack. All this weighs heavily on Kerbasi’s mind as he heads to the gravity chamber to train again. He hadn’t realized the burden that the Elders before him had to deal with. “This isn’t the first time my planet has been attacked. My people can handle this. Also this time I have Altair and Ryder to help me. But still I can’t help being nervous about it.” Kerbasi thinks trying to reassure himself. He nears the chamber door again. As he walks in he remembers his past training, how difficult it has been and yet every time he comes he pushes himself harder. He moves to the center of the chamber and begins to meditate focusing on each individual muscle in his body preparing for his next training session.

Kerbasi gets back to his feet and moves over to the controls, “I just need to blow off some steam first before I can actually train im way to stressed out right now.” He thinks to himself while he sets the controls he doesn’t even adjust the difficulty of the gravity just sets the combat controls for fifteen to where three robots will come out but they are very weak and hits the start button. The robots walk out and he throws two punches and a kick. The three weak opponents blow up from the attack. “Ahhh… that feels better.” Kerbasi thinks to himself but he just can’t help smiling. Kerbasi turns back to the controls and turns the Gravity to forty times the earth’s gravity and sets the combat controls to thirty-five and the opponents to five. Again the robots come out of the door on the other side of the room, they count down and the flight begins. Kerbasi rushes in throwing a combination at his opponents landing several kicks and punches during the attack, the bots answer back throwing several punches of there own. The fighters go back and forth throwing multiple combinations of punches and kicks, and all are taking several hits. Kerbasi rushes one of the bots knocking him to the ground and flies into the air screaming “KAMEHAMEHA!!!” And destroys his opponent turning him into a pile of dust. With four fighter left Kerbasi rushes back in exchanging blows with his opponents. “KAIO-KEN TIMES TWO!!!” Kerbasi cries out continuing two exchange blows with his opponents. The bots land a few punches knocking Kerbasi back into a kick from another sending him to the ground. Kerbasi jumps back up and calls out, “SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!!” launching the attack as two of the bots stack themselves behind each other it completely destroys the first and stuns the second as Kerbasi rushes in to finish the bot off. As he reaches the bot he finishes him off with a combination of kicks and punches. The other two robots now rush in, but Kerbasi is ready to end the fight. The fighters are again exchanging blows back and forth. “KAIO-KEN TIMES FOUR!!!” With an explosion of power Kerbasi kicks one in the chest knocking the bot to the ground he then turns to the other bot and uses Meteor Combination the destructive attack obliterates the bot. now with one left Kerbasi is now getting tired from being in Kaio-Ken for so long. “KAIO-KEN TIMES FIVE!!! Its time to end this!” he calls out as the bot rushes in. Kerbasi side steps the attack and turns crying out, “KAIO-KEN KAMEHAMEHA!!!” the bot darts out of the way “dang I needed that to work I don’t have much time left…..” Kerbasi thinks to himself as the bot comes around and kicks him in the back of the head. Kerbasi is knocked forward by the attack and hears “SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!” Kerbasi turns to see the piercing attack coming at him, he tries to dodge but not in time the attack hits him in the arm ripping it off. Kerbasi screams in pain and drops to the ground. He stands up holding where his arm used to be attached. Grunting he regenerates his arm “Your Finished!!!!” Kerbasi yells rushing in with a flurry of punches. Kerbasi cocks back and kick the bot in the chest sending him flying. Next he pulls both hands right in front of his body and yells as the yellowish charge begins to form, “LIGHT GRENADE!!!” With the attack now full charged he launches it at the bot who is just beginning to turn around. The attack is racing towards the bot there is nothing it can do it cowers as it get hits by the attack. The bot completely disappears and Kerbasi reverts to his normal form puts the controls back to zero then leaves.

word count 1,007
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi trains again in the gravity chamber.   Wed May 11, 2011 12:23 pm

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Kerbasi trains again in the gravity chamber.
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