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 Ryder Chamber Training

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PostSubject: Ryder Chamber Training   Tue May 10, 2011 12:24 pm

Ryder entered the chamber with Kaman ready to train. “Father, I think for the first time ever, I think I will be able to defeat the king of the Saiyans. My power level is increasing quickly, and I have learned so much.” Kaman looked at his son the same way he always had.
“Son, I don’t think you should get ahead of yourself just yet. The king is a Super Saiyan, and you are not. To become a Super Saiyan you must train much more than you are now.” Ryder looked down. This was not one of Kaman’s usual put downs that made Ryder fight better. This was him being honest.
“I understand father. Than we train until I have ascended. I will not take no for an answer father.” Kaman smiled.
“You are my son. I will make sure you complete the task, and together we will over throw the king.” Ryder realized this was the first time Kaman was giving him a compliment. Which could only mean he was about to get kicked. Just as he had thought Kaman he disappeared and was right next to him throwing a kick into his rib. Ryder was already keen to this attack so he jumped into the air and watched as Kaman’s foot missed its mark. Kaman looked up at Ryder. “You do learn don’t you?”
“I learned from the best I guess.” Ryder charged Kaman and they began throwing blows at each other. One hit after another both Saiyans were taking hard hits from the other. Ryder planted his foot on Kaman’s chest and pushed him away immediately lifting his hands towards him. “DOUBLE BIG BANG CANNON!” Ryder shot two large balls of energy at Kaman, who moved just in time to only take one of them. As he was thrown back again he corrected himself and aimed at Ryder.
“GALIC GUN!” Ryder put his hands in front of him and held the blast away from him. Just long enough to realize Kaman was right behind him and throwing more kicks. “You don’t learn fast enough though.” Ryder just took a kick to the ribs that made him drop his hands that were holding the Galic Gun away from him. As the Galic Gun hit him he was thrust back and created a hole in the ground. Ryder stood up and shook his head, getting the dirt off his hair.
“Time to get Serious. KAIO KEN TIMES TWO!” Ryder powered up ad charged Kaman. Right before he got to him he noticed Kaman had his hands out and knew something was up.
“Thunder shock surprise!” Ryder was hit by Kaman’s attack and thrown to the ground falling out of the Kaio-Ken. “Always be ready to be defeated when you charge like that.” Ryder tried standing up but couldn’t move his legs. “Don’t worry, the feeling will come back shortly.” Kaman began walking away from Ryder.
“KAIO-KEN TIMES FOUR!” Kaman turned around and Ryder was back on his feet. The power coming off of him was amazing. Kaman hadn’t expected Ryder to have recovered that quickly. Ryder put one hand in the air and created a giant ball of energy above his head. “This is the Death Ball. This particular one is big enough to destroy an entire city. I can now make them big enough to destroy entire planets. Let’s see how you deal with this father.” Kaman’s eyes widened.
“You are not actually going to throw that at me are you?” Ryder smiled.
“Of course not, this is going to be the attack I use on the king of the Saiyans. He is going to have a choice to make. Either save his planet and possibly be destroyed or let the planet explode, and be destroyed. I will not let him rule anymore father. He took the throne by force. Now it is time for us to take it back. I will not stop training until I am a Super Saiyan, and he is lying dead at my feet.” Kaman knew it was almost time. Ryder had almost become the most powerful Saiyan he had ever seen. Now he had the drive to become stronger. The Saiyan king was in trouble. And Troubles name is Ryder.

Word Count:720

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PostSubject: Re: Ryder Chamber Training   Tue May 10, 2011 12:27 pm

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Ryder Chamber Training
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