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 Kerbasi Trains Again

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PostSubject: Kerbasi Trains Again   Mon May 09, 2011 9:36 pm

Kerbasi has been pushing himself in his training and it has been paying off. His training with Altair and Ryder has pushed him farther then he ever thought was possible. And after his last training with Ryder and helping him find his hidden potential as the Leader of the Nameks. He gets to train more than ever while helping others unlock there hidden potential. He has been prepairing harder than ever for the Icers who have been planning on attacking. With every day that passes the attack draws nearer and Kerbasi is heading back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Every time Kerbasi comes here it gets easier to train he has had to begin moving deeper into the chamber. Kerbasi nears the entrance and yet it still seems as if he my never come back here he feels it will seem this way till the threat on his planet is gone. When he walks in as usual he remembers his past training, the pain he has put himself through and where it has got him.
He begins stretching then sits down and begins meditating. After a while he stood back up and walked over to the controls and set the difficulty he set it to five and then the number of fighters to five as well. They pop up in the middle of the of the chamber. The bots count down and the fight begins all five of the robots attack they surround Kerbasi and he blocks there punches. At the same time all of them jump back and start launching Ki Blasts Kerbasi begins launching them back to block their attacks. He rushes in and begins punching one of the robots and sending him to the ground he begins running around doing the same thing to all the robots. The fight begins to heat up as they are now locked into a fistfight as they continue throwing sever punches Kerbasi drops and throws a fatal upper cut to one of the bots launching its head into the air. The four remaining take some of his power to boost there own and the continue battling. Kerbasi cries out, “Kaio-Ken Times Two!!!” and he continues blocking the attacks. He splits through two of the bot and turns focusing the one on the that was on his left blasting it calling out, “Special Beam Cannon!!!” the blast tears through the bot tearing him to pieces. With three bots left they are now more powerful and coming faster. “Kaio Ken Times Three!!!” and Kerbasi rushes in throwing combinations of punches and kicks. The three bots spread out and two call out, “KAA-MEE-HAA-MEE-HAAAA!!!” launching out two devastating beams. Kerbasi rushes out at an opponent that is rushing in at him, Kerbasi speeds up and uses Meteor Combination, blowing up his opponent with the final blast. The other robots that now are even more powerful attack Kerbasi landing punches almost at will. Kerbasi is now ready to end this fight “Kaio Ken Times Five!!!” he rushes in and is now going hand to hand with both of the bots. The bots are attacking now with twice there original Power Level. Kerbasi toys wit them for a little while taking a couple punches and kicks from each. Finally he has had enough and he wait for the perfect moment. He sees it and takes it punching one in the stomach. As he bends over he kicks the other one back then jumpes and kicks the one bent over launching him in the air “Big Bang Cannon!!!” he cries launching the devastating blow and destroying another bot. The last bot rushes in and Kerbasi dodges his punch then kicks him in the back sending him stumbling the turns to end the fight, “Kaio Ken Kamehameha!!!” the blast completely destroys his opponent ending the fight. Kerbasi lands back on the floor and returns to his normal state. Kerbasi begins meditating catching his breath, and as he stands back up and walks to the door and leaves.

word count 668
the end sux i know srry got really tired or writing.
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi Trains Again   Mon May 09, 2011 9:40 pm

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Kerbasi Trains Again
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