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 The willpower of the young.

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PostSubject: The willpower of the young.   Sun May 08, 2011 8:02 pm

Turlaz was in space where he was slowly dieng. ''Som..m..somebody'' Turlaz eye's started to close, and his body felt weak. Turlaz was not a high powered level saiyan, so space was'nt the right place for him. A small spaceship could be seen in the distance flying slowly. That was Turlaz only hope, he tryed to scream but it was difficult. The spaceship was small, but it was suitable for another passanger, if there was not nobody else on bourd. The ship got closer and was 1 meter away from Turlaz, he reached to the ship but it was hard. Air started to sufficate him, and evan worst he began to lose vision. Luckly the ship stoped and a person quikly came out,and in the condition Turlaz was in he could'nt see the face of this person. Three hours later Turlaz woke up in a bed, the first thing he saw was the seeling of the ship. Turlaz felt healed, but when he looked around nobody was to be found? Turlaz got out the bed, when he notice he was naked! ''AHHH where's my clothes? Oh my god this person must be a fag.'' Turlaz checked his tail to see if it was harmed, but it was fine. The boy started to think harder. ''Anybody here!'' shouted the boy that had appeared to be naked at the moment. A figure could be seen at the corner of the door across the room. It had appeared to be a tall body, but this body was not like those of boys, but those of women. The lady would walk closer to Turlaz, he body was atractive for a strait male. She smiled and said. ''How are you i found you in the middle of space, if it was'nt for me right now you would be speaking to god.'' She giggled. Turlaz blushed but still try to keep his manners. ''Yeah i thank you for that,but my question is where's my clothes and why dont i have it on..?'' She smiled. ''Oups sorry!'' She dashed to the room on the other side of the bed. The women open the door, and it had appeared to be a closet where Turlaz clothes were hanging. Turlaz began to dress himslef but while dressing he would still ask questions. ''Who are you..?'' said Turlaz not knowing who this women was. ''Oh yeah i forgot to introduce myself, silly me. My name is Riana and you are?'' said Riana. Turlaz smirked. ''I'm glad you asked my name is...Turles Jr, but call me Turlaz. They both shook hands. ''So where are we headed?'' asked Turlaz. Riana smiled just bursting to tell Turlaz. ''We are headed to New Vageta my home planet,and from your tail you belong there to your a saiyan. Turlaz did'nt not know anything of what she just said. ''Vageta...? Saiyan..?'' Riana was shocked that a own saiyan did'nt know his own home planet. ''When we get there ill explian everything,for now enjoy the ride!'' Turlaz and Riana are now headed to planet Vageta.
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PostSubject: Re: The willpower of the young.   Sun May 08, 2011 8:57 pm

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The willpower of the young.
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