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PostSubject: Turlaz    Sun May 08, 2011 7:27 pm

Name: Turles Jr.
Nickname: Turlaz

Race: Saiyan

Home Planet: Vageta

Sex: Male

Age: 8

Aura color: Purple

Referred: Turlaz


Personality: Turlaz is a stumburn little kid you could say. Just like his father Turles he shows no mercy, evan if its family. Turlaz was born the same day his father was killed on earth. So it make it difficult for him to imagine how he looked. Turlaz in battleis a diffrent person, he often uses tricks to fool the opponent. And if he ever gets a chance he will use it as his advantage.

Techniques: Flight, Energy blast, Power up

Bio: (optional)

Alignment: Evil

Zenni: 5,000

Power Level: 700

RP Sample:
''You fool how dare you!!!!'' evan as a child Turlaz had no respect. ''Never in your life speak to me like that!'' Said Turlaz to one of the aliens of the ship. The alien showed no fear and he giggled...''Your funny kid your power leverl is 700, haha mine towers yours.'' The alien appeared behind Turlaz in a flicker. ''Let me tell you a secret......i can kill you right now.'' Turlaz at the moment was in fear, but Turlaz stood tall and showed no fear evan do he was scared. ''One day you will all pay i sware, when i get stronger you will see...'' Turlaz entered his room and looked out the window. All that was shown was empty space. ''When will i be saved from this slavery!'' The door could be heard opening, Turlaz look back to see who it was, and it was a henchman of the leader of the ship. Master Kio would like a word with you....'' Turlaz was escorted to the leader of the ship Kio. When Turlaz entered Kio could be seen sitting on a thron with two henchman beside him. ''So its been?'' Asked Kio. Turlaz ignored Kio and look at his feet. Kio smile turned upside down, ''So your not gonna speak..thats fine ill just make you speak!''. One of Kio henchman that was beside him flashed infront of Turlaz, and he kicked Turlaz in the face breaking his scouter. Turlaz flew two meters back, he barely could move in the pain he was in. ''So now let me tell you once, it seems you been disrespectful to my'nt that correct.'' Turlaz spit blood from his mouth and smirked. ''Yeah that correct....'' Said Turlaz with a half smirk on his face. Kio smiled. ''Finally you said the truth...but like always the truth hurts.'' The henchman grabed Turlaz by force and a large door open. ''This is the space door, where i toss weaklings like you into space where you will die slowly with your powerlevel hahaha!'' Turlaz was tossed trough the door where gravity pulled him. Turlaz appeared to be in space now, and the space ship went hyber speed and flew away from him. Turlaz was traped in the middle of nowhere now.
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PostSubject: Re: Turlaz    Sun May 08, 2011 7:28 pm


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