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 Namekians fight

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PostSubject: Namekians fight   Sun May 08, 2011 5:07 pm

Ryder began to charge his energy. Kaman was standing there, idoly waiting for Ryder to finish.

"Are you finished?" Ryder stopped and looked at Kaman and nodded. "Then fight." Ryder looked at his opponents. It was three Namekian warriors. They were in the gravity chamber but didn’t up the gravity as much as usual. Today was strictly fighting against multiple opponents. Although the extra weight did make it a little harder.

"Let's do this. Scatter Shot!" Ryder began shooting ki blasts at his opponents who immediately moved out of the way. They charged at him throwing punches and kicks which he proptly began blocking and deflecting. As he blocked the in coming attacks he looked for the opportunity to attack back. With three opponents he had to think more like Kaman and less like Ryder. Ryder would use his power to force them to fight him one on one, but how would Kaman handle the situation. Blocking more and more strikes he had to think fast, but than it hit him, Kaman would make them fight each other. So instead of blocking the attacks he just moved. Watching the punches and kicks he moved his body and watched as the Namekians hit each other. This is why Ryder liked to fight alone. He didnt have to worry about other people. After a couple hits from their teammates the Namekians backed off. "Now let's kick it up." Ryder turned and charged one of the Namekians. This wasnt the time to split up his attacks. using all of his energy on one would increase his odds of winning. He began hitting the Namekian he charged and ended the combo with a kick to the ribs sending him flying to one side. The other two Namekians were charging Ki blasts.

"Special Beam Cannon!" They both launched the blasts at Ryder. He jumped into the air and dodged the attacks.

"Come on guys, those things are sharp. Continuous KAMHAMEHA!" he aimed at both of them each with one hand. One of them moved but the other one was hit knocking him out. Ryder was already charging the last Namekian. He began throwing any kind of strike he could at the Namekian, but he was doing a good job of dodging him. HELLZONE GRENADE!" He began throwing Ki blasts all around him, but the Namekian got out of the middle.

"That technique was perfected by a Namekian. Don’t think for one second i would fall for it." But it was to late Ryder was already on top of him. Ryder laughed. He charged at the Namekian again, throwing punches and kicks at the warrior. This one was fast, he was hard to make contact with. “You need to move faster than that Saiyan.” Ryder was used to the taunts from Kaman and they only made him fight that much harder. He then begun hitting the Namekian with his feet. “SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” Ryder dodged another cannon from his opponent.

“I told you those things are sharp, are you trying to hurt me?” The Namekian smiled and it hit Ryder. “You are trying to hurt me.”

“I am tired of you Saiyans coming to my planet thinking you are the best fighters in the Galaxy, I will destroy you.” Ryder didn’t like what he heard.

“Fine I am going to have to finish this.” Ryder grabbed the Namekian by the throat and flew him across the room, when he got to the center he turned the gravity on the chamber up to max. The room pulled both fighters to the ground with Ryder’s fist on top of the Namekian. The Namekian was out could. Ryder charged up and stood to his feet slowly and turned off the gravity chamber. “I am getting sick of these Namekians wanting to fight me for no reason. I think I will be leaving soon.”

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PostSubject: Re: Namekians fight   Sun May 08, 2011 5:22 pm

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Namekians fight
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