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 Homicidal Aura

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PostSubject: Homicidal Aura    Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:29 pm

817 words

Frankie walked through the large planet of New Vegeta happily as he had succesfully done some training earlyer, and he was feeling pretty good and motivated. As he walked through new vegeta he did something that he had never did on new vegeta, he gave some people a warm greeting smile that was very very wierd and people would get the wrong message and think that it was a warning telling that he was going to hurt them. Through out the day every one would avoid Frankie as they thought this but Frankie didn't have a clue and just continued to walk. As he walked he thought about the space pod he had bought, it was black with grey lines by the sides, very high tech like his original one inside also being a 1 seater for him to travel alone. He thought about flying in t through space and arrive at other planets with it and show it off, it was a very nice fantasy tthat could become a reality. he shook his head taking him self out of his fantasy trance that had engulfed his min. To take his mind off his cool new space pod he began to jog through new vegeta, as he jogged he was very fast and people that were in front f him would quickly dive to the side trying to avoid him as they thought he was charging at them to kill and annhilate them. Others would get down and tuck in to a ball in a way to protect themselves, frankie looked at every one wierdly and akwardly as he didn't know why they were behaving thsi way but he ignored it. He eventually arriving to the new vegeta training area, slowly stopping he looked around and there was still no one there training and he said "Seriously. I think if some strong namekians or androids would envade this planet would come down in flames since no one here tries to get stronger or atleast strech. ". He scratched his chin and then said " well i'm motivated i'm feeling nice and powerfull so i'll do some more training..... well atleast I know no one else is training so i would probably end up being the king of saiyans " he laughed as he said it sarcastically. He walked to the middle of the training area and looked around as he thought of a technique to learn.... he scratched his head as he did. In a few seconds it hit him and he said " oh yea! why not train my homicidal aura, it is a very strong technique after all and if I get better at it now i'll keep going up stages and keep making this technique even stronger ". He clinched his fist as he powered up, his pink aura covered him and moved like a small flame, he was feeling powerfull. Now in this stage he began to push out more ki to extend his aura but all that happened was that his aura gave out a small flicker. He closed his hands even harder and squezed as if he was squezing a ball so it would pop or something, he pushed out some more Ki and also tryed to continue his power up but yet again just a small flicker. He began to get angry, stomping on the ground he tryed it again but ending up failing yet again. He took a few steps to the left and then to the right and then stood still once he got calm, charging up his Ki he entered his first stage. Having his aura suround him he was ready to begin, he bent his arms putting them so they would be going back and clinched his hands hard. He yelled " GRAAAAAA! " and his picth would rise as he would go charging up. At a moments nortice his aura expanded, becoming a not perfect sphere he looked around and he was doing it. he continued to yell as his aura continued to grow until it was a perfect sphere around him and wasn't able to expand more since he was doing the technique in his first stage. The aura sphere would dig in to the ground and create a hole in the ground 3 feet deep. He growled as he expanded his arms and legs like he was making a rubber band surounding him break and with the movement the sphere exploded to the sides, creating an even larger hole that had a radius of 10 yards. he ha succesfully done his training and walked off happily as his aura was slowly disapearing, planing on going to the mission center to get a mission and hopefully get a mission taht requires him getting in his space pod.
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PostSubject: Re: Homicidal Aura    Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:54 pm

817 PL gain





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Homicidal Aura
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