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 Daichi's training(Complete)

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PostSubject: Daichi's training(Complete)   Sat May 07, 2011 3:37 am

Daichi walked down the halls of the building that were on Kami's lookout. Once again the time has come for Daichi to train in the hyperbolic time chamber. Daichi hadn't found a master yet but time would reveal to him one of the best, Daichi could feel it. He grabbed the handle to the chamber and pushed down on the door. Daichi then opened the door and entered. The heat of the chamber added a sense of pleasure since it had been kind of chilly outside. Daichi walked onto the white platform and then said "There just has to be a better way to train than this. I can't keep punching the wind. I need a worthy opponent, how could I ever be ready for the test that would come tommorow. Daichi then decided it was time for him to start using sparring dummies. Daichi took out a capsule and threw it on the ground. A huge cyborg appeared before Daichi, followed by a puff of smoke. Daichi then used a remote to turn the cyborg on. To prevent interference, he slammed the remote to the ground and stomped on it causing it to shatter into millions of peices. A huge white aura surrounded Daichi, later his hair and clothing blew as if there were a wind in the area. His facial expression changed to a more serious one. Cyborg 2.0 turned and faced his direction and said "Mission received. Mission will be carried out." It charged at Daichi and before Daichi knew it. He was soaring through the sky. He had to quickly catch himself and he flew at 2.0. Daichi placed his palm to the Robot's chest and sent a rush of energy through his hand. The forced pushed 2.0 back a bit but was not enough to knock him down. Daichi then sent a red blast of energy in 2.0's direction. The bot's eye's began to blow red as an indication it had entered hyper mode. The robot knocked the blast away and flew at Daichi. The bot began to send a series of punches to Daichi's face. Each one of the incapabale of being seen by Daichi. Fifteen blows to the face with remarkable speed. The bot then kicked Daichi in the stomach sending him flying back a few feet. Daichi flips to his feet before hitting the ground and by the time he looked up The bot was already in front of him. It then continued giving Daichi the wooping of his life. Punch after punch and kick after kick. The combo number would have most definately exceeded fifty. Daichi's face had turned red. The borg then sent an uppercut and sent Daichi up into the sky. Daichi couldn't see where his opponent were coming from so he couldn't even hit him. The Cyborg's hand turned into a canon and sent a plasma beam at Daichi. The green blast awoke the saiyan. He quickly used the little strength he had to move out of the way but was to weak to fly. Daichi sped towards the ground and crashed with an amazing impact. The Cyborg teleported in front of Daichi. It then began to do what it had done before, it was going to send a plasma beam in Daichi's direction. Just as the beam were about to be released, the Robot's eyes returned to its normal blue color. The robot's syc up form had run out and he couldn't use it for a while. The cyborg couldn't carry on with it's attack without it's power up so it tried to grab Daichi by his hair in an attempt to grab him by his hair. He would then throw Daichi in the air and blast him with a different attack. Although it were weaker than the plasma beam, it should still do the trick. The Robot came in to grab Daichi but he was to slow. Daichi tripped the cyborg and kicked it's sides sending it flying. Daichi had to end this battle before it were too late. If Daichi were to die here, he won't be able to complete his goal. Daichi landed a series of blows to the robot and then landed an uppercut on it just as it had done to him. Daichi then raised his hand to the sky and charged a blue ball of energy into it. Daichi said "This is your end! I can't allow you to come between me and my destiny. I brought you into this world and I can destroy you just aswell!" Daichi then sends an energy wave at the robot at full power. Even this wasn't going to be enough to completely destroy 2.0 but it would destroy his armor leaving him very vulnerable to the attacks Daichi inflicted on him. The robot was incapable of dodging the attack due to his power up being inactive. A huge explosion filled the skies of the chamber. Daichi lowered his hand and quickly dropped to the ground due to exaustion. "huff. Huff. Eh...It's almost over." Daichi says as the Robot slams to the ground just as Daichi had done before. Daichi hustled to the robot and he had to quickly dispose of the bucket of bolts before it repaired itself. Daichi quickly appeared before 2.0 and said his farewells and stomped his head to the ground destroying it. He brushed his shoulders and dropped to the ground breathing heavily. This was a strong robot. He was going to have him reconstructed so they could battle again. Except, next time he's going to destroy him in his power up mode. Daichi was sure of it. He knew he had gotten stronger through this battle. Daichi closed his eyes and went to sleep. His test was tommorow and he were going to pass this one as well. The journey of the legendary saiyan Daichi will continue. The future of the saiyans rested in the hands of this little boy right here. He were going to be trained and he would defeat the king of the saiyans and make a change that would be for the better of the world.

Word Count: 1017
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PostSubject: Re: Daichi's training(Complete)   Sat May 07, 2011 4:55 am

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Daichi's training(Complete)
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