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 Guess who's back?

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PostSubject: Guess who's back?   Tue May 03, 2011 8:56 pm

Kyo was very impressed to see a human be so strong. He wondered how that guy did that amazingly amazing, brightly bright attack. Kyo just had to know how he did that attack. Even though it was just an afterimage, Kyo still felt the pain. It hurt him to see an attack that he didn't know.

'How could a human, do such an attack? Hmm. Let me see. He basically put all his ki in just one measle attack. How can someone do that? What little witch. I swear, he probably has all the witchcraft potions in his rooms or something like that. Ugh!! I have to stop going off topic! Now...what was I thinking again? Oh yeah!! His ki-based attack. He's probably training or something. Man, I swear, I'm going to leave him to die. He is probably training under some guy. Let's see who can he be training under? Ryu? No, wait. He's from Street Fighter. OKay...let's see,' Kyo thought to himself.

It didn't take long for Kyo to see the bright red shirt. Kyo can recognize who it was. It was his good friend, Mark. "Back for a rematch, eh?" Kyo questioned the Mark. Mark was wearing a gi. The usual colors, a bright, bloody, red shirt. The color of his pants were the usual dark, shadowed, black. What caught the eye of the great Kyo, was his belt. It was in the color of his pants.

"Most definently," Mark replied with a smile.

"I know all about your technique! It's called a ki blast is it not? Well, it does not matter. Want to know why? Because, I learned it," Kyo said with a braggy tone.

"What?!? How could you learn that in one day!? How can you just learn how to fire all your energy in to a beam in one, small, miniscule, measely measel day!? Know didn't even show, or tell you how," Mark said with a big surprise. Little did Mark know that he answered one of Kyo's question. Kyo had found himself completely dumbfounded.

"You're right, Mark. You know, nobody did explain to me how to fire a Ki blast. Except for you," Kyo had said with a devious smile.

Mark was completely surprised by Kyo's statement. He could not belive what he had just heard. He began to mumble a lot under his breath. It something about him calling himself with a whole bunch of negative commments on himself.

"Hey, you kiss your mother with that of yours? You should really clean it sometime," Kyo said laughing.

Full of anger and rage, Mark sent a a fist coming straight for Kyo's helpless stomach. The made a huge impact on Kyo. Kyo fell to the floor. He groaning in pain. "I am not stupid, I know this is all a trick. I can see you in the trees," Mark had said. Mark turned around towards the thin, big, lush, green, leafy, tree. Mark began charging up his ki. It was not until Kyo got up and gave Mark a headlock.

"Rule number one, never turn around on your opponent, adversary, or enemy," Kyo said as he burst out laughing.

Kyo threw Mark on the ground. The headlock was so strong, it apparently knocked out Mark. 'Aww man, I wanted to knock him out with a ki blast!! Whatever, I'll do it anyway' Kyo thought with a smile. Kyo did as he promised and a small light blue ki blast.
Word Count: 566
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who's back?   Tue May 03, 2011 9:02 pm

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Guess who's back?
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