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 Kerbasi trains against Robots......

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PostSubject: Kerbasi trains against Robots......   Tue May 03, 2011 8:44 am

Once again Kerbasi heads to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber the last time he was there he got to fight with Altair and it pushed him to his limits as a fighter but he has gotten much stronger since then and will now be training by himself. Kerbasi has been training harder than normal due to the fact that there are rumors of the Icers coming to Namek and knowing that the scouts were just on his planet the threat is even more real. He approaches the door again but as he walks in its not as much of a challenge as it was last time Kerbasi notices the differences as he begins his normal meditation before his training. He wonders if there are any robots he can train against like in the Gravity Training Chamber. He finishes his meditation and begins to look around and finds a set of combat training controls. In the Gravity Chamber he was fighting on level twenty but doesn’t know how high it actually goes but this control only goes up to ten but you can select the number of opponents, so Kerbasi sets the difficulty to four with four opponents. The robots appear in the chamber again the robots countdown to begin the fight immediately the robots rush in and begin to attack Kerbasi enjoys the fact that this will push his abilities whit multiple attacker it requires him to move as fast as he can. Kerbasi is focusing on blocking all of the robots attacks. As he continues blocking attacks from all sides be begins to see openings for attacks and he begins attacking back. Kerbasi continues trying to increase his speed by only going hand to hand with the robots for now. Two of the robots punch as Kerbasi ducks and the robots punch each other Kerbasi then donkey kicks another knocking him back giving him a one on one chance with one of the robots. As the robot throws another punch Kerbasi catches it and kicks him as hard as he can in the head sending it across the chamber as the rest of his body drops to the ground. The other robots now increase in their power to make up for it. Kerbasi is now pushed even harder as the robots continue their attack, but Kerbasi continues to block their attacks. Kerbasi begins to see another opening on one of his opponents and punishes him with a huge uppercut and Kerbasi flies up into the air as the robot stumbles back Kerbasi screams, “SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!” and launches the piercing attack that drives straight through the robots chest and he too drops to the ground, again the other two robots increase their power. Now Kerbasi is beginning to get tired as he has now taken out two of the robots, and with the remaining two now as strong as the four together Kerbasi is now taking more damage from the attacks. Kerbasi knows that he will not be able to last much longer but continues to block as many attacks as he can the robots are punching and kicking faster now and with more power. Kerbasi takes off into the air and the robots begin launching rockets at him he launches Ki Blasts back at them. Kerbasi is trying to figure out what to do next as he hears the robots call out, “SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!” they are learning his attacks and using them against him he uses After Image and is able to dodge the attack and rushes back in throwing a series punches and kicks. He knocks the robots back and uses Multi-Form he sends two of his clones after the robots. They rush in using Final Revenger it works perfectly and as the robots go crashing back to the ground the other two clones’ cry out, “KAA-MEE-HAA-MEEE-HAAAA!!!” launching the powerful attacks into their opponents as they hit the ground. The robots are completely destroyed by the attack, Kerbasi returns to his normal form and lands on the ground. Kerbasi is happy with how far he has come in such short time. And as he exits the chamber he wonders how much more time he has before the Icers arrive.

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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi trains against Robots......   Tue May 03, 2011 9:13 am

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Kerbasi trains against Robots......
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