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 Great Training In the Woods!

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PostSubject: Great Training In the Woods!   Mon May 02, 2011 7:12 pm

Kyo continued his small journey in the woods. He suddenly fell, then he saw his shoes were untied. 'Not again,' Kyo thought. He got up and made sure he had no cuts. Of course, he didn't have any cuts. Kyo then kneeled down and began tying his shoe.

'Hmmm. What to do, what to do. Well, normally in times like this, I should train, or...I should just train. It always made me feel so much better. Wait what am I going to do again? Oh that's right I was going to go train,' Kyo thought his long thought. Kyo then went deeper in the woods.

When he was comfortable with the scenery, he stopped to begin. He loved the way the forest looked. It's lush green leaves. The way how trees made small rustling noises as it danced with the wind. Kyo saw small ants crawling around. One of them crawled on him. He watched the small, little puny ant. By the time it reached Kyo's hand, it was smushed by Kyo's fingers. Kyo looked at the tree as it danced with the wind. It was odd, because, there was no wind.

How were the leaves on the trees rustling if there were no winds? That one question came straight through Kyo's mind. Kyo looked in to the tree and he saw what he had seen. He knew he was just about to have an adventure with this sight. He surprised with what he had seen. He couldn't believe what he saw.

In the tree was a person. A male, to be exactly exact. He had a light peach colored skin. He was dressed in a bright, blue shirt. He had on a pair of dark black jeans. Kyo could only see a bit of detail, due to the shading of the trees' leaves. So far, what Kyo could see, was his skin color, the man's blue-green eyes which were staring straightdead at Kyo.

"Well, well, well. It seems as if I have a visitor," Kyo had said with big smile.
"You mean you?" The man said trying to make Kyo snap.
"A wisecracker, eh? I can't blame you, popping wisecracks can be fun. What's your name kid?" Kyo had asked.
"First of all, it's Mark. Second of all, I'm not a 'kid' or whatever you called me. If you want me too, I can prove my 'unkidliness' in battle," Mark had challenged.
"Everything is always proved with battle isn't it? Okay, I guess I'll fight. Had nothing to do anyway," Kyo had accepted Mark's challenge in to battle.

Now that Mark was out of the tree they can begin the battle. Before they started, Kyo sensed Mark's power level. Kyo was very impressed that his power level was close to his own.

Mark threw a fist heading towards Kyo's face. Kyo watched as punch came closer. Just as it was going to reach Kyo's breathe, Kyo moved away. His movement caused the effect of Mark epically failing. Apperently, Mark put too much power into his fist, which made him fall over. "Wow, what fail!!" Kyo said as he started to burst out laughing.

"Hey stop laughing at me! It's not cool," Mark had said sadly. Mark then tried to surprise Kyo by shoving a fist up Kyo's stomach. The punch had landed complteley successfully. It wasn't long until Mark saw the afterimage disappear. Mark looked sround him and saw two more afterimages. He fired a ki blast to both of them, just to see that Kyo wasn't in on the scene.

Just to finish it off, Kyo sent a kick which came from the tree. The right foot of Kyo was on the stomach of the one known as Mark. Kyo regretted the kick, mainly because after a few minutes of feeling the kick, Mark blew chunks. 'Who knew a mixture of tuna, mayo, and stomach acids would look' Kyo thoguht to himself. "Hey, how did you do that attack you did to my little afterimages?" Kyo asked. But, Mark was too sick to answer.

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PostSubject: Re: Great Training In the Woods!   Mon May 02, 2011 7:23 pm

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Great Training In the Woods!
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