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 More Intense Training for the Icer

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PostSubject: More Intense Training for the Icer   Mon May 02, 2011 1:47 pm

Akuhei stood in the middle of his own Gravity Chamber centered behind the Palace of New Vegeta near where his pod had crashed landed. The gravity was set on x5 and Vegeta was already feeling the full extent of the string on his body and he was just standing there. He was shirtless and just in his shorts and boots. He stretched his legs out by extending one to one side and as far as it would stretch. Then lowering himself towards the ground to loosen his muscles before doing the same process with his other leg. He then stretched his back by twisting side to side in a hurried motion. His muscles tensed as he lifted his arms and connected the fingers before bending backwards to release the tightness in his back muscles and triceps. He would then reach forward and touch his toes before preparing his stance for his fighting technique he normally used. “I will not be made a mockery ever again…”

Akuhei closed his eyes as he powered up to a quarter of his current power level and began to throw punches out to his full extension of his arms. He withdrew his arms and swung out again. He opened his eyes as he began to pick up his pace. He took a deep breathe and jumped back before swinging his right arm out and behind him. He frowned as he sent his same arm straight back to in front of him. “I am through with being the Prince that is under powered…I strived to be the best…I bled in hundreds of training sessions….I will NEVER let them surpass me again!” He yelled out loud in his training room. The strain on his body slowed his movements after only these few moves. He was panting and groaning already. Akuhei powered up to half his current power level before pulling his arms in close to his body and bent at the elbow. He closed his eyes as he focused all his power to be brought to the surface. His hair blew in the wind as his power began to steadily rise to a power once thought to be legendary when he was younger. He shook the room as his aura exploded around him and his eyes bolted open. He still retained his frown on his face as he looked to his hands. “No super saiyan…but I will make it once more…” He relaxed his hands where they were spread wide before curling them into tightly balled fists. Still the gravity yanked his body towards the ground threatening to crush him under the pressure as he trained.

He stood up right as he yelled and his power shook the room. He was planning on putting a dent in the metal of the room. It would be perfect training to control and harness his true power. His eyes were wide open as his muscles tightened and he floated a bit off the floor. His back arched and his arms went a bit from his side and bent slightly at the elbow having already been extended. He yelled louder as his muscles throbbed while his powerful aura and energy was striking out at the metal flooring. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before his energy began to charge into his fists. He slowly began to retract his legs arms to his side and bent them more at the elbow before crossing them over his chest and pulling his legs up to bend at the knees and just in front of his arms. “I AM PRINCE VEGETA! THE GREATEST WARRIOR IN THE UNIVERSE! I WILL NOT BE MADE A FOOL OF EVER AGAIN! I WILL BE THE STRONGEST! I WILL SURPASS ALL!” Vegeta’s pride was as big as his voice as he shot his legs out straight, where the tip toes nearly touched the ground, and his arms went wide at his side fully extended. His aura was blazing around him as he landed on the ground and noticed the indention on the metal flooring. He smirked as he moved slowly to the reinforced punching bag and began to pound on it. His right and left fists struck out in quick nearly normal speed for his movements as he focused. He could tell the bag was straining on its reinforced iron chains but, he kept his punching assault on the bag. This would be tougher than his normal training but he knew its benefits would be far greater in the end.

Akuhei yelled as he slammed his fist into the bag one more time. He held it there and felt the bag wanting to fall back into place due to the gravity. He was panting more than he normally would be. His sweat dripped over his heated muscles from the intensity of the work out. He wondered just how much more he would be able to handle before his body gave out exactly. His mind seemed to tell him to keep going; he knew he would be able to keep on but he wouldn’t stop even if he couldn’t handle it. Akuhei stepped back and braced himself before running towards the wall to his right. He felt the thundering slams of his heavy boots slamming into the metal flooring. He grunted as he jumped into the air and sent out his right foot to kick the air. His legs felt like they were strapped down with iron weights. He closed his eyes before he landed harsh on the floor in a crouched position. He took a deep breath in and out before standing slowly. He bent his arms at the elbows and stood up right before running back the way he came.

Just as he moved half way back towards the punching bag, Akuhei pushed off hard with his legs and tried to do a back flip by heaving his legs upwards. He felt the strain immediately as he sent his legs forward and up. He closed his eyes as he was sent into a harsh spin and then was falling fast towards the metal floor. He opened his eyes and sent his legs and hands downwards just in time to slam on all fours onto the metal floor. He grinded his teeth together as the massive strain showed up even more from his current position. Akuhei shoved himself to his knees and let his arms hang. The pain stung at his palms and knees. Nothing was broken as far as he could tell but he knew this would kill him if he wore himself out to fast. Slowly, he began to stand up and move to straighten up completely. Thoughts of being shown up by the low level Saiyans again flooded his mind. He frowned, his common pissed off frown, before powering up once more. He yelled as his power shook the chamber.

Akuhei’s eyes went wide as his power peaked once more and he began to throw punches in the air. His breath quickened as he moved. His legs felt even heavier. He jumped into the air and did two quick kicks in mid air. The movement of his kicks sent him further than he intended forcing him to slam his feet into the wall and kick off. He did two back flips before slamming down on the ground once more on his feet. He was breathing even harder before he turned and threw a ki ball up at a reflector. Akuhei watched as the ball of ki began to bounce around the room. He had found that these ki deflectors set up to with stand the force of the gravity along with the force of ki attacks were very useful to gain speed. He tried to move to the side but his movements were far to slow and the ki ball slammed into his ribs and blew up sending him hard into the wall. He felt the pull yanking him as he began to lose his hold on his muscles in his legs before he fell to his knees with one hand on the wall.

Knowing that another mistake like that in this chamber while not being use to the gravity could be fatal. He struggled to his feet and began to charge another ki ball but this time not as strong as the one he was just hit by. He pulled his arm back and felt his muscles tense then relax before tensing again. He swung his upper body forward and launched the ball of energy at the ki deflector as hard as he could. He then walked forward before forcing himself to fly a few inches off the ground. The ki ball bounced off the deflectors a few more moments before turning and coming at him. He quickly turned his body and felt the heat it had generated run along his bare back. He shivered a bit at the thought of being hit by another ki ball and sent sprawling to the ground. He took another deep breathe before turning to see the ball returning on its round journey to fly at his face. He ducked just before it hit but smelt his hair had been charred. He had to stop thinking so much and focus on the training.

He turned once more to see where the ball had went and instead of bouncing to the side it bounced right back and slammed hard into his gut knocking the breath from him before exploding and sending him hard up into the roof. The gravity yanked him down towards the ground like the string of a paddle ball would, if he was the ball and the ground was the paddle. The impact dented the floor as he laid there on his stomach bleeding from his mouth and nose. He forced himself to his back and laid there panting wanting to just lay here. He closed his eyes and memories of being in the shadows of a low level saiyan flooded his mind. He bolted his eyes wide opened and sat up before pushing himself up to his feet fully. Crouching slightly and bending his arms at the elbows, Akuhei began to power up yelling as it shook the chamber.

Akuhei turned on his heel and began throwing out punches deciding dodging ki in his current state would be hell on him in this chamber. He frowned as he pushed himself harder to move faster in the chamber with his strong strikes outward. He pulled his arms back slowly to make sure nothing was hurt in the process. He then began moving with small steps before he turned again sending his right heel upwards forcing him to have to balance on one leg. He held that pose and felt his leg throbbing and shaking due to the pressure he had now placed on it. He lowered his right leg before running towards the wall and jumping into the air and kicking off it. Akuhei followed up with his push off the wall with a few ki balls being thrown to the ground to keep the force up to stay in the air. He would flip a few times before coming down on his feet hard. The loud thud echoed in the room as he stood there a bit shocked on how hard he had landed and he hadn’t fallen. He took a deep breath feeling beads of sweat seemingly weighing him down more. He sat down and undid the straps on his boots before throwing them down hearing them hit hard on the ground like he did a few times just a moment prior.

Feeling much better from losing his boots, Akuhei stood back up and began to shadow box once more in the intense pressure on his body. He thought about a few ways he could benefit from this training before moving towards the weights. He looked to the weight shelf and grabbed two dumbbells weighing, by the white mark on their ends, 15 lbs. He lifted them into his hands and felt the immediate change in what he thought and what they were. The weighted yanked his arms down to the floor and put more strain than ever on his arms. He yelled out as he began to try and lift them. The first pull was hard as the weights wanted to drop as soon as he moved them. He held them about to lower rib level before letting his arms stretch back out to full length and taking several deep breaths. He closed his eyes and began to pull up his arms once more. This feeling he had in his arms were beyond what he thought possible. He felt burning, pain, tingling, and strain on his muscles. He had never felt such awfulness in all his life; not even when he died or was dieing.

Akuhei powered up to full power again having been slowly dropping back down due to having to concentrate on not killing himself while in the chamber. He then began to lift his arms out to the side as if preparing a final flash while holding the weights. He would then begin lifting them above his head forcing the pressure to be pushing down on his upward locked arms. He grunted feeling the pain increase before he lowered his arms to the out stretched final flash form again. He panted holding his arms like that letting them recover from the weights being on direct pressure on his joints. Akuhei lowered his arms to his sides before kneeling and lowering the weights to the floor. He then moved to the weight bench and began putting on weights on the bar. He placed 30 pounds on each side making it, normally, at 60 pounds. He would then move around to the other side and sit down on the bench before slipping under and putting his hands on the bar. He would then lift up and bring it above his body. He could feel the same pain he had when he had the dumbbells above him. He grunted as he slowly, and trembling, lowered the bar to his chest before pushing back up.

Akuhei was wearing himself out but he knew he had to push himself beyond his limits or he would never surpass those he thought less of. He began to move his arms up and down faster. He lifted the bar up and pulled down. The strain increased it seemed on the second thrust up. He ignored it and kept pushing up and pulling down hurriedly trying to fully test himself in this gravity. He panted soon after rep 15 and felt the strain on his arms increase. Suddenly, the bar wouldn’t go up when he pushed up. His muscles had given up on pushing the weight up. He panted as the bar slammed into his chest knocking his air out of his lungs again. He tensed and struggled with it trying harder than ever to push the weight off his sternum in fear of it caving in and killing him. Even a saiyan could die a freak accident like this; he would not have it that way though.

Akuhei yelled out as he thrust the let side up and then let it be pushed off to the right side. It hit the ground with a loud clang before resting, denting the floor, in the center. He laid on the bench panting as his arms hung by his side. He sat up and forced his arms up and began rubbing the biceps. He growled before standing slowly and walking to the leg machine and sitting himself up in it with his legs above his waist and placed on a rack. The current weight pressure had been set to 30 pounds. “Computer…set weight pressure on the leg press to 80 pounds.” He said bluntly. The pressure increased and he felt his legs tense horribly. Akuhei began to bend his legs at his knees and let the weight begin pushing down on him. He groaned a bit before pushing upwards again. His eyes closed tightly as he locked his knees and yelped out. He then lowered his legs down slowly again. He yelled out as his knees popped and he couldn’t push up anymore. He panted and his abs pushed up and down hurriedly. He was losing his strength and his power level was dropping like crazy. ”Your just going to give in Akuhei? Is that all you have?” Kakarot’s voice echoed in his mind before he yelled out powering up once more to his full power, well what he had left. He slammed his legs upward and felt his knees lock. “Computer lock leg press!” He yelled loudly.

Rolling off to the side, Akuhei sat on his knees panting. He looked down to the sweat drops that hit the ground and barely splashed under the force of the gravity. He swallowed hard and began to stand. His legs felt like jelly and his arms like water balloons. He panted hard before he began to try and move. Each step made his legs shake and he wondered just how much more he would be able to take. He yelled out as he began to power up to his max shaking the chamber before thrashing his head. “I WONT GIVE UP! I WONT GIVE IN!!!!!” He flexed his muscles as he began to now run off reserve energy and strength. Akuhei immediately began throwing punches into the air harder then before. He would follow through with the swings and rotate to send his opposite elbow out as if he was battling a foe. He yelled out as he jumped once and round house kicked the air. He landed with a loud thud and stood up right before running towards the wall. Every step causing him pain yet, fueling his rage to want to keep on.

Akuhei jumped up planting his feet on the wall and began to run up it before kicking off and doing 4 back flips due to the force of gravity and his force of his push off. He landed hard on his knees and felt them pop again causing him to yell out. He didn’t hesitate as he stood slowly. He began to toss punches out once more before moving towards the punching bag. He began to box it hard in its sides and heard the strain of metal on metal. He wondered if the bag would fall if he kept punching it as hard as he was. Soon, Akuhei began to pick up speed with his punches causing sweat to ooze off his body as he worked out. His muscles were tight, hard as rocks, as he moved now. He panted deeply curious on just how much a saiyan male could handle in the intensity he was working at before losing hold on his pride and body controls. He felt every sweat drop roll down his body as if it were a melted drop of molasses that weight 5 times it weight. And with so many on him his body had to have 20 pounds extra on it.

Akuhei slammed his elbow into the bag before jumping back. The gravity nearly yanked him to the floor as he leapt back. He landed and rushed forward sending his knee hard into the bag. He watched it barely budge before he slammed a hard right hook into it making it slide from his knee. He stood up right and began to send a barrage of punch after hard punch into it. He was breathing even harder now as he wasn’t planning on taking a break as he kept moving. His body heat was radiating off him now as he moved. He couldn’t fill the cold metal on his bare feet any more nor could he feel the air conditioner as his body began to numb to anything but the pain and strain. Dropping to his knees, Akuhei was on all four breathing hard. His sweat dropped hard on the floor barely making splashes as it hit. His eyes half closed as his hair hung in his eyes a bit. The bag was no longer moving due to his punches and kicks. He curled his fingers into fists growling loudly before forcing himself up again. He slowly stood and put his hand on his knee as he stood a bit slower than before. He took a massive breath in before preparing ki balls in his hands. He looked to the several deflectors placed around the room and decided it was time for a few more tries at dodging.

Akuhei floated up into the air a bit and stared at one deflector before taking in a massive breath and fusing the two ki balls in his hands. He lifted it above his head feeling the heat radiate off it and tingle his skin. He leaned back before lunging forward throwing the massive blue ball forward. He watched as it bounced around the room hurriedly. He saw it move around him multiple times before flying at him. As it approached, Akuhei turned hurriedly and moved to the side of the ball of energy. He felt the sting of the radiating energy pulse by him as he moved barely enough to dodge. He hadn’t the time to think as he turned around and was forced to lean back almost putting his head to the back of his knees. The ki ball shot over him as he blinked and saw it bounce to the left once more. He aligned himself and watched the ball bounce between the same two multiple times before it was sent flying back at him.

The ball seemed to be gaining speed. It didn’t make since to him at how the ball was gaining speed while he was losing speed. He lifted his arm and twisted his body in time to dodge the ball…barely. He rotated and looked to see the ball flying down at him. He quickly placed his hands up to grab the ball. He grunted and began to try and push the ball back. Its speed and force was pushing him down towards the ground. He closed one eye before the ball exploded sending him down hard on the ground. Akuhei yelled out as he bounced once before staying still. His head slipped to the side as he laid there motionless. The dust settled and he felt extremely too tired to move. His muscles were strained and jelly like. His bones felt bruised and battered. Akuhei’s breath slowly returned to him and he wondered just how much damage he had done to himself. The computer shut the gravity down and the deflectors returned to their chambers in the wall. Vegeta laid there in normal gravity as blood and sweat trickled down his face and body. He knew he had done way too much and pushed himself way to far. He coughed as he felt the medic personal come in and began to help him up on a stretcher and then retreated to the rejuvenation chambers for him to recover. He would be in the tank for a while before allowed to leave and his plans were already to train more…'

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PostSubject: Re: More Intense Training for the Icer   Mon May 02, 2011 1:49 pm

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More Intense Training for the Icer
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