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 Lonley Fighting

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PostSubject: Lonley Fighting   Mon May 02, 2011 12:38 pm

Today Ryder was on his own. The Namekians showed him their Hyperbolic Time Chamber and allowed him to train in it. To let Kaman rest after the struggle with the last set of goons, Ryder went it alone. When he entered the chamber it somehow seemed empty. Even though the time chamber was always empty, it somehow seemed worse. There was no time to dwell on that. Ryder had a year to train before he had to leave so he went into it. First he got in a pushup position and began doing pushups. Since the gravity didn’t really bother him anymore he felt like he was doing pushups for hours maybe even days. Ryder got up and his arms felt like jelly. He saw a punching bag nearby and began punching it. He punched as fast as he could, finally ending it with a round house kick knocking the bag to the floor.

“This just isn’t the same.” Ryder thought out loud. “Father is supposed to be here with me.” Ryder began to scream into the emptiness. Then he pulled his hands into his waist. “KAaaaa.. Meeee.. Haaa… Meee..” Ryder could feel more power rushing into the wave than he had ever felt before. “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” A giant wave came from his hands brushing across the ground making a giant path where the blast had traveled. Ryder was so angry at the Namekian for attacking him the way they did. He did nothing to them. He was a well behaved Saiyan warrior. “No matter, I am only here for the dragon balls. Once I get ahold of them I will make my wishes and leave the planet for good.” Ryder one again bega throwing blasts of different attacks into the air. If he could keep his Ki up even after using so much of it he would be more able to fight from far away. Ryder started to feel tired. He sat down and began meditating, thinking of a way to become a Super Saiyan. There hadn’t been a Super Saiyan in a long time, not that he had seen anyway. If he could become a Super Saiyan there would be little in the galaxy that could stop him from becoming the king of the Saiyan race. He got to his feet and threw a homing destructo disk, making it come to him so he could practice his dodging. He knew this was probably a bad idea. “What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Right?” He was flipping all over the Time Chamber avoiding the deadly disk. Once he became out of breath he let the disk fly away so he could take a break. This exercise was good in two ways, one it let him avoid oncoming attacks, two it let him practice moving the disk around with less concentration. He was beginning to tire out quick. It had been what felt like 6 months, which meant he had six more months to train before he left the chamber. “If only father were here to help me train. It usually seems like this goes a lot faster when he is here.” Kaman would always keep him going no matter how tired he got. So he began pushing himself even harder. Punching the air, throwing kicks, and using the Kamehameha until his hands hurt. Ryder pushed himself to the very brink every day until he couldn’t move. At one point he trained so hard he fell asleep for three days, which was not the plan. After that mishap he got back to it pushing himself even harder every day.

“Very good friend.” Ryder turned to see his Namekian sparring partner. “You make me jealous you didn’t invite me.”

“Sorry, this is something I need to do alone.”

“It might have gone faster if I was here with you?” Ryder looked down at the ground.

“You are right about that. This training was brutal. Next time you will come with me.”

“Sounds like a plan.” The Namekian opened the door to the chamber and led Ryder out. “Next time than.”

Word Count: 680

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PostSubject: Re: Lonley Fighting   Mon May 02, 2011 12:40 pm

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Lonley Fighting
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