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PostSubject: Kyo   Sun May 01, 2011 6:44 pm

Name: Kyo Betsu

Race: Lesser Saiyan

Home Planet: Earth

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Aura color: Light Blue

Referred: Nope.


Personality: Kyo is almost never serious. When he is serious he really means business. The only times he might be serious is when it is about his past or when he's angry. When Kyo isn't serious (Most of the time) he is probably making a wisecrack, or joke.

Flight- Self-Explanatory.
Ki Sense-You should know this.
Afterimage- Kyo makes himself so fast, it visually seems that he makes clones of himself. (Goku, Master Roshi/Jackie Chun, and Korin use this technique)

Bio: "You will be strong, my new son," those are the words he can remember when he was born. His parents were a disgrace to most of the Saiyans. So they wanted their child, Kyo, to be powerful. Once during training, Kyo was lost and fell in to a pit. He landed on his poor little head. Due to this, he recieved amnesia. His parents worried, searched for the small child. They never found this pit. By the time Kyo was six, he learned to escape the pit by climbing it. When Kyo had escaped, he didn't know who he was. He wandered in to the city. As he was wandering, he stumbled upon a young married couple. They had adopted him and gave him the name, Kyo.

When Kyo had grown around the age of ten, his parentshad told him the news. They told him that he was found wandering around town. He then was befuddled at first. After a few months, he finally understood what they had meant. Kyo had ran away, he didn't know he could run away. Until, he saw, the forest.

Alignment: Good.

Zenni: 5,000

Power Level: 750

RP Sample: Leroy heard that there were raiders going around every town and taking their children to train for their 'army'. Leroy was very disappionted when he heard this." How can someone do this at a time like this?" Leroy thought. He then heard footsteps nearby. He turned to his right and saw one of the raiders. "Hey look someone wants to act tough!", he yelled. "Good eye, Greth. Let's stop him", another had said while revealing himself from a shadow. Then four more of them had appeared and surrounded Leroy.

"I'm gonna stop you no matter what", Leroy said. Then, all of them attacked at once. Leroy dodged all of their attacks except on hard punch that came form the knuckles of Greth. Leroy then threw a ki blast at Greth. Greth then fell on the floor. Leroy then began charging a galactic beam he had learned before. Then, before he can fire the beam blew up in his hands. "Haha! What a loser he can't even fire an attack!", one of them had said.

Leroy then got enraged and fired a piercing bullet at the one that made fun of him right thruogh his heart. Then, the raider had died. "One down, five more to go", Leroy thought to himself. After this, they got scared. Leroy then charged a galactic beam and successfully shot the beam. Greth and two others had died from the blast, leaving only two of them. Then the two fired a bunch of energy blasts.

Leroy had dodged most of them but some of them hit him. Then the duo seperated. One had attacked me from the back and the other attacked me from the front. Leroy blocked most of the attacks. They fired ki blasts, luckily Leroy was able to dodge the attack. "Hey fellas", Leroy called out, "I haven't even used my full power". Leroy began powering up to his full potential. He shot five energy balls to each of them. He went up to one of them. He punched him, kicked him, and fired a ki blast at him. Then the raider had died.

" Nooo! Niko! How dare you! You will now fall at the hands of me, Nokru" this 'Nokru' had said. "Look man, I will not fall. You will be the one to reach the ground first ", Leroy replied. Leroy then came up to him and hit Nokru with his right elbow. Nokru fell to the floor. "Told you", Leroy said confidently. While Nokru was trying to get back up and fight, Leroy threw an energy wave. The wave shot right his head. Nokru died.

(This old Dragonball RP I site I used to go to geek)
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PostSubject: Re: Kyo   Sun May 01, 2011 6:46 pm

approved have fun

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