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 Additional fighting system

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PostSubject: Additional fighting system   Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:56 pm

Ok so we have so far the connection vs non connection system.

So I propose we add this on

If your powerlevel reaches 0 you die. If it reaches 1 you are KOed. YOu cannot go directly to 0 you have to hit 1 and then get hit again to die.

As far as powerlevel goes this is is the main idea of statistics.

Powerlevel=Ki attack, Melee attack, Health.

Melee attack is equal to 1/4 of your powerlevel with a full powered connection.
Ki attack is based on the power of your ki based attack. EXAMPLE E rank is 1/10 of your powerlevel D is 1/8 C is 1/5 B is 1/3 A is 1/2 and S is your powerlevel.

Or in decimals.

E Ki=0.10
D Ki=0.12
C Ki=0.20
B Ki=0.33
A Ki=0.50
S Ki=1.00

When a connection is made via the dice system your powerlevel decreases and you simply mark in your next post how much you have left.

Let's say MR. A the Androd and Mr. B the SAiyan are fighting.

Mr. A has a powerlevel of 1,000 and Mr. B has a powerlevel of 1,500

Mr. A hits MR. B with an S rank Ki attack. Mr. B goes from 1,500 to 500 instantly and simply marks that in his next post. That he is now at 500. Mr. B then hits Mr. A and since he is physially weaker from that attack his melee instead of doing 375 it instead only does 125 damage to Mr. A provided the dice allow it to hit. Now Mr. A has 875 powerlevel remaining and Mr. B has only 500 after one round of combat. ALlowing everyone a chance to win and everyone a chance to lose based on their attacks and skills.

Zenkai would be active if someone hit a powerlevel of 1.
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PostSubject: Re: Additional fighting system   Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:03 pm

To continue from this example sine Mr. B is a Saiyan he is eventually defeated and KOed going from 500 to 1 with some melee attacks from Mr. A. He uses Zenkai and he becomes even stronger and comes back later to kill MR. A.

Now a note. Why wouldn't someone just constantly use their strongest attack?
Because a system of cooldown should be used for anything above C rank. B, A and S rank Ki should take respectively 2,3 and 4 posts to use between each attack. For example let's say Mr. A hits Mr. B with that S rank attack. Instead of being able to use it right again and kill him he can now not use any attak above C rank for 4 posts since he used one so powerfll to let his Ki recover.

Now returning to Melee. Since Ki attacks has a weakness so will it. Melee will suffer a decrease in effectiveness after every use. So let's say Mr. B hits Mr. A in the face with a punch. Good for him right? Anyways so then Mr. B Hits him again and again and again and again. INstead of it doing the max amount of damage the entire barrage in that one post would do .25 the max powerlevel and if the same thing was done next time only .20 and etc. With a 1 post cooldown per drop of .5

Mr. B rampages and attacks Mr. A for 2.5
Mr. A sits still
Mr. B rampages and attacks Mr. A for 2.0
MR. A sits still.
Mr. B rampages and attacks Mr. A for 1.5
Mr. A sits still.
MR. B rests for 2 posts to restore his melee power.
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Additional fighting system
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