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 Power Up & Aura 1st stage

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PostSubject: Power Up & Aura 1st stage   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:52 pm

Frankie was walking through new vegeta feeling a craving for power, a craving from his soul or his aura just calling and screaming asking for more power. He grinned evely as he thought about killing citizens and take there power but yet again he wasn't even sure if that was posible or if it was possible an dhe did it he would probably be chased by many saiyans that have orders to kill him and he wasn't sure he would be able to go against 10 saiyans or more and be able to survive and kill them. So with that out of mind he thought about going to the training area of new vegeta and it was pretty much a good idea and way more safer then his other idea so that is what he did. He walked off towards the training area slowly with a grin, he eventually arrived and looked around, there wasn't any one training which was pretty wierd since you would think saiyans would train all the time but what ever that means if he continues training he'll be stronger then all of the other saiyans. as he was alone it was very nice as he had the whole training ground to himself and he wouldn't have to go farther out so no one would see him, now being alone he had an idea for his training and he said "I'll train my power up so i'll be able to make my aura visible and enter my first stage ". He clinched his fist as he looked around, now being sure there wasn't any one close by he got ready to bring up Ki. He then pushed his Ki out of his body putting strain on his body but still no aura had appeared, he began to push even harder he felt like he was doing it well but still he hadn't entered his first stage or evven made his first stage visible. He opened his hands and used his fllying ability to get on a large mountain, there it was nice with a calming breeze and a great view. He felt abit more confertable there so he tried again, clinching his hands and grinding his teeth he began to push his Ki out of his body from all places and yelling " GRAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ". the yell began even a higher pitch as he pushed out more Ki and at a moments moment a purple-ish pink color aura eloped Frankie, he had acomplished in his first stage training and powering up. The aura he had made slowly moved like a small flame, with his aura visible Frankie felt even more powerfull. He shot a Ki orb and it crashed in to a boulder and it had even better and stronger effects then it had when he would do it normally. Now having gotten stronger he dispelled his visible aura and flew off the mountain, walking back to new vegeta with a wider and bigger grin of happiness. As he walke each step had a musical flow and beat that made his happiness visible.
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PostSubject: Re: Power Up & Aura 1st stage   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:57 pm

513 PL gain





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Power Up & Aura 1st stage
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