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 Grav training

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PostSubject: Grav training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:08 pm

After Ryder took a short nap he returned to the Gravity Chamber where Kelban was once again waiting for him. Only this time Kaman joined Ryder to the chamber.

“Good to see you could make it. Did you get enough rest friend?” Ryder did a little stretch.

“Of course I did. This time let’s amp things up. Double the gravity from last time.” The Namekian looked confused but intrigued, and walked over to the gravity control.

“If you think that is going to help.” Ryder was excited. Kelban switched on the control and turned the knob. Both of the fighters fell to the ground. “How are we supposed to fight each other if we can’t even stand up?” Ryder laughed.

“I guess you’re going to have to get used to it quickly.” Ryder tried to push himself up to a knee but found it exceedingly difficult. Slowly he watched the Namekian get to his feet. Ryder could tell Kelban’s legs were shaking. Ryder finally got up to a knee. “Instead of fighting lets have a race.” Kelban smiled. “First one to walk around the room three times wins.” Kelban nodded.

“This should be interesting. I guess we will start the lap right here.” He used his head to point at a switch on the wall. Ryder had finally gotten to his feet. Both fighters began walking on the outer side of the room. They both were taking very slow weighted steps. Ryder looked around the room and realized the room was about a quarter mile around.

“This is going to be more difficult than fighting my father.” Kaman stood in an observation area and began laughing at the two stumbling over themselves trying to stay up. Ryder was catching up to Kelban who was within arms reach. Ryder attempted to lift his arm but found it more difficult than he wanted, so he just continued walking. Already out of breath Ryder didn’t know how either of them were going to make it all the way around the room three times. His only hope was for it to start to feel even the slightest bit lighter. Kelban looked over his shoulder an saw how close he was and turned around.

“We aren’t going to be able to do this fair.” Kelban lifted his arms and pushed Ryder. Ryder fell backwards onto his back and gave out a scream. He was back to square one. He had to stand up again. When he tried to get up he realized it was a little easier this time. This was going to be a good sign. He put on foot in front of the other moving a little faster than before. He caught up to Kelban and put a hand on his should and pulled him back to him. Kelban fell over and landed on Ryder’s foot. Since the gravity was so intense it felt like a building had just fallen on his foot.

“Are you kidding me!” Ryder pulled his foot out from under Kelban’s head, and continued walking.

Ryder was almost done lap one. He was feeling a little lighter and was walking normally, but could still feel the effects of the gravity. If he tried doing much more he would tire out to quickly. Kelban wasn’t far behind him. Kelban lifted an arm and extended it grabbing a hold of Ryder. “Why do I always forget about that?” Ryder thought to himself, and he was pulled back to Kelban. “Forget this.” Ryder stood up and punched Kelban in the face.

“What happened to the race?” Ryder laughed.

“That is going to take all day. I would be better off just beating you to a pulp.” Kelban laughed and threw a punch into Ryder, putting him on the ground.

“I don’t think you are going to be the one winning this pal.” Ryder slowly tried to get up, but before he got to his feet Kelban threw a kick into his gut. “You need to stand before you can fight Ryder.” Ryder didn’t know if he was going to be able to get up. Every time he tried the Namekian would hit him back to the ground. Finally he rolled over onto his back.

“KAMEHAMEHA!” Kelban held the blast in front of him. Ryder slowly stood up while shooting the energy at Kelban and then stopped. “Seems I found a way to get up.” Ryder held a hand out in front of him. “Big Bang Cannon!” Kelban was thrown into the wall behind him and then fell to his knee.

“Light Grenade!” Ryder backhanded the blast out of the way.

“I can tell you are getting weak. You must not have fully recovered from our last fight. Let’s end this now. I have business to take care of on this planet anyway. I will come back and train more tomorrow.” Kelban got to his feet.

“Maybe you are right. I was quick to get back in here. I guess I don’t recover as good as a Saiyan.” Kelban extended his arm and turned off the gravity. This was one of Ryder’s favorite feelings ever. The fighters shook hands as they walked out of the chamber. “Good fight friend.” Ryder just nodded.

Word Count: 869

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PostSubject: Re: Grav training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:33 pm

869 *2= 1738
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Grav training
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