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 Namek training

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PostSubject: Namek training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:00 pm

Ryder entered the Gravity Chamber that was in the Namekian village he was temporarily staying in. When he entered a Namekian was staying in the center of the room near a control panel.

“Welcome Saiyan. This Gravity Chamber was left here many years ago. It belonged to a mighty Saiyan warrior. It actually used to be a ship. We have tried to restore it, but have had no luck. Fortunately he got the gravity controls working, and we can use it for training.” The Namekian turned the control dial up, and Ryder felt the gravity begin to pull down on him. “My name is Kalben. I am once again greatful for what you are doing for my people. However, we need to get the formalities aside. We are going to train until we can’t move. At which point one of my men will turn off the chamber.” Ryder knew this training was going to be unlike anything he had done before. Of course Kaman was powerful, but he relied more on wisdom than strength. Ryder could feel the power level Kalben was putting off, and it was strong.

“That sounds good to me friend. Shall we begin? Or would you like to stretch a little?” Kalben rolled his eyes, and then disappeared. Ryder took a clean shot to the ribs. “Why does everyone go for the ribs first?” Ryder countered with a back hand to the jaw of the Namekian warrior. Kalben rubbed his jaw, and took a low fighting stance that was used very often in Namekian fighting.

“Let’s see how you like energy attacks. Grenade Buster!” A yellow blast came from the Namekians green hand. Ryder jumped into the air, forgetting about the gravity, and fell back into the blast. Ryder was throw across the room into a wall where he made a large dent in the wall.

“That wasn’t very nice Kalben. CONTINUOUS KAMEHAMEHA!” Ryder launched a series of powerful blasts from his hands. Kalben knocked the first two out of the way but soon was over powered by the attack. The room was filled with smoke and dust. Ryder heard fans kick on which started clearing the room of the smoke. Kalben was kneeling on the ground.

“I can’t be defeated that easily”. Kalben threw some punches at Ryder from across the room. Ryder had forgotten that Namekians could stretch their limbs, and was hit hard by flying fists. With the amplified gravity it felt like he was being hit by boulders. Ryder just kept on fighting now dodging the punches from the Namekian. Ryder used this as an opportunity to get his speed up by letting Kalben throw a lot of punches, over time wearing himself out because of the heightened gravity. Kalben finally caught on after a few minutes and brought his arms back to him. He created a triangle with his hands in front of his chest. “Light Grenade!” Ryder was blasted by the attack. His clothes were becoming torn and he was now bleeding from the mouth.

“Nice shot.” Ryder put one hand out in front of him. “Big Bang Cannon!” A large ball came out of Ryder’s hand and went for Kalben. Kalben put his hand out in front of him and held the ball in place, but was slowly pushed back. “Kamehameha!” Ryder put a blast into the back of the big bang cannon and started pushing him back more. Suddenly Ryder was grabbed from behind. The Namekian had sprouted two more arms and stretched them behind Ryder. This was amazing considering Ryder didn’t see it coming. Ryder was pulled into the ground, and the blasts stopped. The Namekian fell to the ground followed by Ryder. Another Namekian walked into the room and turned off the gravity control. All of a sudden Ryder felt the feeling of a planet lifting off his shoulders. “Good training friend.” And Ryder passed out.

word count: 650

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PostSubject: Re: Namek training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:03 pm

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Namek training
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