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 Daichi's training

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PostSubject: Daichi's training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:42 am

Daichi entered the Gravity chamber. Daichi was ready to train his body to the limits. Failiure was not an option. Daichi had another test in a week. He knew the announcer was not going to take it easy on him. So he had to be prepared for anything that man would throw at him. Daichi had a set powerlevel he wanted to reach by next week. He was going to get to 10,000 powerlevel before his test. He was also going to master a technique known as lightning aura. This would boost the effects of his power by quite a bit. So now if the warriors were too much for him to handle, Daichi would be prepared to take the warriors out. Daichi was going to be stronger than anyone else in his family history. Also, in the universe! Daichi was going to have to be the best in order to destroy the evil that the saiyans have built. No matter, Daichi was still going to need help on such a task. Throughout his journey, he aims to befriend some of the universe's strongest fighters to help destroy this great evil. Daichi walked over to the computer so that he could set a gravity that would suit him. He decided to set the gravity to "x2" Daichi felt the weight of the gravity pushing down on his body. The lights in the room turned to a dark red color. Daichi powered up so that his body would be able to withstand this new training method. Daichi would be use to this due to the training that he endured in the hyperbolic time chamber. Daichi then began to land blows on the air. He did backflips, dips, splits and squats. Daichi then dropped and did a set of twenty push ups and twenty sit ups. Daichi felt his muscles begin to burn. But it felt great. Daichi absolutely loved this feeling. He had never felt anything like this. Daichi flew up into the air, he had to push harder against the gravity to fly. Daichi felt beads of sweat begin to roll down the side of his face. they then quickly dropped to the floor due to the increase in gravity. Daichi held his hand up and began to charge a blue ball of energy into the palm of his hand. Daichi blasted his full power energy wave but the gravity was too much. The blast of energy backfired and it turned. It sped at him and blasted him into a wall! "ARGH!" Daichi screamed as Daichi was smashed into a wall. The beam was still pushing at him. Then the blast curved and it started to push Daichi into the ground. Daichi tried to push the blast away but it was too much for him but he still had to try. Daichi's bandages were burned away by the beam and it were now burning his chest even more than it already was. Daichi struggled to his feet. The blast was still pushing against his body but he still managed to get up. Daichi held his hands up and gripped the blast of energy. Daichi felt his muscles begin to work harder than they ever had. Daichi was pushing the blast across the gravity chamber. Daichi then began to focus his energy. Daichi prepared to absorb the blast. The beam began to fade but Daichi's body began to glow blue. Daichi smiled as the process was complete. Daichi has never felt so alive. It was the very first time he had ever had so much power. Daichi went over to the gravity chamber and turned the gravity up to "x3". Daichi began to power up to the max. Daichi's blue glowing body turned to an aura. Daichi then put in a code for a training partner. This partner would have a powerlevel of 5,000 just like Riretsu. The cyborg appeared and it charged at Daichi but he was ready. When the cyborg came into punch Daichi he grabbed his fist. He then squeezed tightly and he broke the robots arm. He grabbed the bot by the neck and he released the energy he had stored up from the blast. The robot exploded due to so much energy being transferred to it. The robot couldn't handle it all. Daichi smiled as he began to power up. Daichi held up his hand and prepared for a little fun. Daichi once again released the beam of energy but it didn't take him as long to charge it up. Daichi released an energy wave and he was ready for it to turn around and attempt to attack him. Just like before, the blast turned around and it began to make it's way towards Daichi. Daichi brought his hand back and prepared to smack it away from him. Daichi striked the beam and it was sent away. The beam began to circle the gravity chamber with an amazing speed. Daichi held both his arms out and sent out another blast instead of trying to hit this one, he was going to dodge it. His intentions are for the two different beams to clash and cancel eachother out. Daichi released another beam, he side stepped out of the way. He then began avoiding beam after beam. Until finally, they both collided. It was just like with Riretsu. The beams collided, instead of one devouring the other, they both faded away in the distance. Daichi placed his hands on his hips. He walked towards the gravity computer and turned the gravity off. Daichi had never felt so light in his life. Daichi did a backflip and was amazed at how high he could jump. Daichi then walked out of the room. His last words were "I'm almost there! No one will stop me now!" Daichi flew off and began to think of the future. The one that would be much brighter than today. Daichi went out to venture the world. Training may have been important, but so is his social life. Daichi needed a break from his long and tiring day. He looked up "Riretsu, you better be working hard in hell or I'll be a real pain in the future." Daichi says as he faded away in the distance in search of adventure.

Word Count: 1046
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PostSubject: Re: Daichi's training   Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:02 pm

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Daichi's training
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