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 The Test(complete)

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PostSubject: The Test(complete)   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:25 am

Daichi awoke in his family chamber. He was completely ready for the test he was about to take, after today, he was going to be one step closer to fulfilling his goal. Daichi jumped to his feet and flew out of the window. Daichi's wardrobe was slightly different on today. His shirt was missing. This was because, the day before, it was burned by during his harsh training in the hyperbolic time chamber. Daichi replaced his shirt with bandages that were now wrapped around his torso area. These bandages would cover up the burn mark mark that now covered his chest. "Where did he say we were supposed to meet up at again? OH YEAH! West City!" Daichi blasted off at full speed. "Hmph! This test is going to be a peice of cake! With the training i did yesterday, there's just no way that this test will phase me!" Daichi was ready and there was nothing about him that said otherwise. Daichi landed on top of a building to try and cause as little attention to be drawn to him as possible. He waited for the saiyans to arrive so that he would be able to quickly dispose of the trash. Moments passed and Daichi was beginning to lose patience. "They tell me not to be late but they decide to be late." Daichi taps his foot. "Finally." Daichi says as a saiyan spaceship began to land on top of the building. Daichi then began to get into a fighting stance. The ship's door opened and then the announcer came out. "Alright! So where's my next opponent?" Daichi questions. The announcer then says "Opponents is more I like it! Come on out!" The announcer ordered. Three different warriors left the ship. One Namekian and two saiyans. Daichi smiled. " this supposed to scare me?" Daichi asks. The announcer grins "Each one of these fighters have a powerlevel of 2,000! You won't be able to match up with these fighters!" Daichi smiles "Oh, is that right? Take a good look at my powerlevel." The announcer takes out his scouter "What's the point? It can't be any higher than 1,000." The announcer pushes the button on the side of the scouter. "See! Its only at 500! You're done for!" Daichi clenches his fists and began to power up. A white aura surrounded his body "AAARRRGGHHH!!!" Daichi begins to shout. The announcers eyes widened "WHAT? 1,000...2,000...3,000! It's still going! 4,000...4,100...4,200...5,000!" Daichi stops powering up. "So? You were saying?" Daichi smiles. "Well, lets begin shall we?" Daichi charges at one of the saiyans and lands a kick to his chest. The warrior was sent flying all the way to the forest. Daichi then launches a ki blast at the namekian. The warrior was sent flying in the opposite direction. All that was left was the one saiyan. He began to smile "Heh! I'm not like the other two warriors. I was actually hiding my true power! My name is Riretsu! I will not go down so easily!" Riretsu clenched his fist, His muscles began to bulge, veins popped out of the side of his head. His powerlevel now matched Daichi's. Riretsu and Daichi clashed fists. Each time one came in for a blow the other would counter. It seemed as though the fight were going no where. No one was hitting eachother. "ARGH!" Riretsu release a barrage of ki blast in Daichi's direction. Daichi was prepared, his training had made him much stronger. Daichi smacked away each ki blast, some of them hit buildings and other's just flew away into the atmosphere. The warrior, Riretsu was most impressed by Daichi's skill as a fighter. "Heh. You are a skilled fighter and you are yet so young. But alas, this fight is going to draw to a closing." The warrior raised his hand and began to charge a red ball of energy into it. Daichi's eyes widened. He had never seen an attack like this before. Riretsu smiled as his blast was fully charged "This is my galactic beam! Say goodbye!" Riretsu released this blue beam of energy at Daichi. Daichi quickly raised his hand and shot a full power energy wave as soon as the beam was only inches from his face. "YOU CAN'T DEFEAT ME!" Daichi cried out as the two beams collided. Daichi smiled "I guess it's time that I finished this battle." Daichi smiled "So long Riretsu. You were a strong opponent but I won this battle." Daichi said as he raised his other hand and added more power into his attack. His beam ate away at Riretsu's attack. Riretsu couldn't escape and Daichi overpowered him "ARGH!" Riretsu screamed as he was struck by Daichi's blast. Daichi decided to redirect Riretsu towards the sun. Daichi controlled his beam and it pushed Riretsu off of the planet and towards the sun. The blast collided with the sun and Riretsu's body was reduced to ash. The beam faded away and Daichi's hair was blowing in the breeze. Daichi turned his head towards the announcer "It seems you put too much faith into these fighters! But i must admit, Riretsu was a strong fighter! I plan to fight him again someday, when the time comes." Daichi says. The announcer seemed aggravated by Daichi's sudden growth in power. "Why...How did you get so strong so fast! Nevermind that! Next week there will be another test! You better be ready!" The announcer says as he retreats to his ship. Daichi nods as the ship lifted off. "I'll be ready, There's no doubt about it." Daichi flew off in a burst of energy. Daichi knew that the warriors he were going to fight next time were going to be no joke. Daichi had to get as strong as he could in so little time." Daichi didn't want to go back to the hyperbolic time chamber, Daichi needed a master to train him. This would make his quest for power much easier. There was no time to lose

Word Count: 1002
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PostSubject: Re: The Test(complete)   Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:27 pm

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The Test(complete)
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