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 The Icer hard work Training

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PostSubject: The Icer hard work Training   Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:06 pm

The Training area named Hyperbolic was the perfect place to train, it had every thing people needed like housing, food supplies, bathing quarters and sleeping quarters. The surroundings was filled with a constant bright iridescent white aurora. Its reflective floor is of un -defined area, and the Room's boundaries are thought to stretch to
infinity in all directions even though it appears to have a definite
atmosphere, limiting its size. Nurses and doctors walk through the hall ways of the building, carrying plates of food for trainers that were in rooms. Two of the Nurses walking down the hall way bumped into each other, spills of red sauce and juice splattered every where, the girls gasped a deep breath in while trying to wipe it off with the palm of their hand. A Icer walked passed the mess while looking down at them and laughing, it was Akuhei that was very evil and not so much powerful. Akuhei was never the person to help people out because he was evil, doing good was never in his things to do except helping the other evil fighters that were in the universe. "Pathetic people" whispered Akuhei in his cold like voice, the voice sounded like he was a sleep and just woke up but it was just his every day voice. A red dented door was to the right of Akuhei path, that was the place that he was going to train at, it was a dark and quiet room for him to get some concentration. The door opened making a cracking sound as he turned the door knob and went inside.

"Well lets have this training began then" said Akuhei, letting out a slight sigh. He crossed his legs, and shut his eyes to focus on raising his Ki level, a large amount of Ki rose from out of his body creating a aura around him. "Ahhh" shouted Akuhei. He didn't held it for long, the Ki drastically dropped below his current Ki levels to a low amount of it. "Not that" moaned Akuhei. Akuhei still sat in a crossed legs position with his hands out in the shape of a almost ready to snap his fingers form, this was to help him control the lasting Ki that he had left. It would be hard to expand his last bit of Ki because if having a big amount of Ki was like expanding dough in a bakery but when it came down to a little bit, the user wouldn't have much to work with. A small amount of Ki evaporated around his body, it didn't come all around his body but enough to cover his biceps. "Now lets try this" whispered Akuhei still in his cold tone. The Ki begun to rise high from off his body to wrap around his whole body and make a aura. It stayed up for a while until Akuhei lost control and it collapsed onto the dirty concrete of the room. His whole body felt more enhanced in skills but Akuhei thought that this training wasn't increasing him much, he needed to do a session that would rise him above his current power level.

"I guess I should go out side to get some better training done eh.." said Akuhei as he lifted up from off the ground, he packed up his bag and headed towards outside. The sun heat shined down on his face, it was very hot outside today but down on Earth even more hotter because Akuhei was up in the air where the clouds were which kept heat away most of the day. Akuhei started his first session by doing push ups, he did Sixty before falling to the ground, his arms were hurting from doing that many; It was way over his limit. "I need to keep going" said Akuhei as he coughed up a pool of blood. The thing that didn't require the hands were Curl Ups, Akuhei begun the next session. He breathed hard after every time he came up and back down, his hands and legs were tied to the ground. "I will become stronger" said Akuhei. Sweat dripped down his face it was the way that Akuhei known that he had become stronger, Akuhei jumped up from training to stop.

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PostSubject: Re: The Icer hard work Training   Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:11 pm

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The Icer hard work Training
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