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PostSubject: Akuhei   Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:07 pm

Name: Akuhei

Race: Icer

Home Planet: Unknown because Akuhei was always traveling around in a space ship with other of his races. But the Icers owned many planets.

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Aura color:

Referred: N/A

Over time, Akuhei's power became so great that his body could not
comfortably contain it, and a series of physical transformations were
developed to limit his actual strength. While other beings in Dragon Ball Z
transform to increase their power, Akuhei transforms to control and
contain it. His true form is his fourth forum with each of his other
transformations meant to restrict his power and conceal it from his
enemies. Akuhei even says upon transforming to his second state that he
has a harder time controlling himself and his power due to the immensity
of his current strength. That would suggest that the second and third
forms are mere physical augmentations which would allow Akuhei to build
enough strength to revert to his true form. While changing shape from
his "first-form", each alteration builds on the previous.
Their are many forms to a Icer which means he is always in a different appearance in fights.

Akuhei, despite his kindness and compassion towards his subjects, shows little kindness towards his opponents except to say that he will not continue the chain of revenge by attacking their loved ones. He is a conundrum, who has proven too difficult for master psychologists to figure out, as they did in order to try defeating him. He is a passive person, not rushing into battle, nor demonstrating blood lust but only when his opponent is winning, though he does not go so far as to be a pacifist, destroying without mercy all those who threaten him. It appears that, while he has shown emotions, he has no morals when completing his duty, a fact he has admitted himself, saying that they could not be allowed to encumber him if he was to be a good Hokage. He himself has stated that he does all that is necessary, and shows his emotions freely, as he considers them necessary in order for him to remain "human", which is essential if he is to continue a long-lasting village.

He also appears to be greatly confident and calculating, showing unshakeable confidence that his attacks will defeat the opponent because his impeccable logic tells him so, though he has revised his opinion on the difficulty of the battle when his opponents reveal that they have tricked him. He also commonly tells his enemies what he thinks of the battle, giving his opinion on their strategy, abilities, and chances, as well as the merits and disadvantages of each side. This stops, however, if he considers the battle finished, which only happens when he has felt their power completely, or the decisive blows have been struck. He shows knowledge of when the battle is over, telling his opponents what he thinks their last ditch efforts will do, and assuring them that they will be remembered, and their efforts not completely in vain, unless they were overtly ridiculous.

Akuhei is also paradoxical in the way he treats those beneath him. While he appears extremely kind, he has no qualms about building his society on the bones of the dissenters, seeking a stable environment, giving freedoms to those he believes will be wise in its usage. While he crushes everyone who is an opponent of society, or a necessary sacrifice in battle, and bases his priorities on the future, he also seems to shuffle his interests if petitioned, though the petitioners, if violent, are usually killed to keep the peace.

Ki Blast
Ki Sense

Bio: N/A

Alignment: Evil

Zenni: 5,000

Power Level: 4,000

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Akuhei   Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:12 pm


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