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 Kerbasi begins training in the Gravity Chamber.

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Title: The Elder Namek

PostSubject: Kerbasi begins training in the Gravity Chamber.   Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:35 pm

As Kerbasi enter the Gravity Chamber he thinks to himself, “This is nothing after my training with Altair in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.” But what he doesn’t notice is that he can adjust the gravity right now it is only set to ten times the earth’s gravity. As he walks around the room he notices that he can adjust the gravity settings, but decides to leave it where it is for now. He levitates and begins to meditate, better preparing himself to train. Quickly he opens his eyes and begins throwing combinations of kicks and punches after a few combinations he decides that this gravity setting is just not hard enough. He comes back down to the ground and walks over to adjust the settings and as he starts to turn it up he decides to really crank it up and pushes himself to the ground. It is about thirty times the earths gravity. As he stand up he thinks to himself, “Now that is more like it, lets do this!” He again begins throwing combinations of kicks and punches. He starts off slow but as he get more accustom to the increased pressure in the chamber he begins to move faster and faster. “I am almost at my regular fighting speed!” He thinks to himself. Now he begins moving around through the air as if uninhibited by gravity at all. After about two hours of training with just punches and kicks he starts wondering if there is something else he can do. Kerbasi begins looking at the controls and notices a setting for fight training, “what does this do?” he thinks to himself, “well I guess I will have to be ready for anything….” He pushes as the button and hears a whining sound, as six cannons open up around the room. They begin firing Ki Blasts, but unfortunately it is very slow so Kerbasi starts by blasting back his Ki Blasts but it is not very difficult so he pushes the button again to stop them from firing. He looks at the controls again and finds a difficulty setting its set to one, it is a dial but the reading is digital so he turns it up to ten and begins again. Now the blasts are coming faster and the cannons are moving with him. Kerbasi begins dodging and them. It seems like the faster he moves the faster they shoot so he begins firing Ki blasts back to block as well. He knows that this is good training but is beginning to realize that his techniques are not near powerful enough to get him through a real fight. He dashes back and turns off the cannons. Knowing that there is an ever imminent threat of an attack Kerbasi begins to meditate and determine his next course of action. After he meditates for a while and catches his breath Kerbasi stands up and begins walking around the room, as he walks over to the controls he sets the gravity back to normal. “Wow thats a relief” he thinks to himself. Kerbasi has been in the chamber for several hours now and is exhausted, but as he heads to the door he thinks back on his training on how he could have pushed himself harder for next time. And as he steps out the door and smirks realizing how much the training really did help.
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PostSubject: Re: Kerbasi begins training in the Gravity Chamber.   Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:37 pm

566 x2= 1132
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and if you didnt get your 300 pl for posting today you get that too...

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Kerbasi begins training in the Gravity Chamber.
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