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 Daichi, the new ultimate warrior(Complete)

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PostSubject: Daichi, the new ultimate warrior(Complete)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:20 am

Name: Daichi

Race: Saiyan

Home Planet: Earth

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Aura color: White

Referred: No


Personality: My character is a hero but has an odd way in showing it. He isn't really the nicest person but won't hesitate to save someone else. He also loves to fight.

Techniques: Fly, Ki Blast, Solar Flare

Bio: (optional)

Alignment: Neutral(May change)

Zenni: 5,000

Power Level: 900

RP Sample: Daichi woke up in complete darkness. A year had passed since he had left the world he had come from. He has not seen any of his comrades in a long tim but Daichi didn't even care. His heart was corrupt and Daichi's training had only just begun. Daichi left his room, Daichi's hair had grown quite a bit. His hair was now at his arms. "Leviathan!" Daichi cried out. His voice had gotten alot deeper dispite the fact he was only fourteen years old. The demon of envy slowly crept out from underneath. "What is it?" The demon snarled. Daichi's eyes began to glow a bright green "Today was the day we continued my training." Leviathan responded "Yes, lets go!" The demon performed multiple handsigns as the world before them began to vanish. He had put Daichi in a genjutsu. He aimed to make Daichi a creature of absolute evil. The world had appeared to be bright in sunny. Daichi quickly shielded his eyes. Daichi hadn't left the darkness for a long time. "GR! Leviathan! Why have you broght me to such a place?!" Daichi then looks around. "What am i supposed to be doing here?" Daichi questions. Leviathan smiles "Look over there! It's a little girl!" Daichi turns his head and see's a little girl crouched over under a tree. She was crying, what for? Daichi sunk under the ground and appeared from underground. "Hmf, what are you crying for?" Daichi questions. The girl looks up and replies "My grandmother just died. A man ran up to her and tried to rob her. She refused to cooperate, the man pulled outa knife and slit her throat!" The girl continued to cry. Daichi smiled "Mwuhahaha! Shut up! You are being so weak!" Daichi yelled at the girl. Levathan then cries out "KILL HER!" Daichi then smiles "With pleasure!" He pulls out his blck shadow sword. The girl's eyes widened!She quickly got to her feet and began to run away as fasta she could, Although it was all in vain. A shadow claw came from underneath and grabbed her by the ankles. It began to drag her back. She fought with all of her heart but still could not escape Daichi. A twisted smile grew on Daichi's face. The claw held the girl upside down. Daichi smiles and touches the girl gently on the face nd asks her a queston the stunned her. How could anyone be so evil. "Mwuhahaha! Little girl, have you ever heard of a guillotine?" The girl froze on the spot. Daichi held his sword up and prepared to cut the girl's head clean off . He brought his sword down with a brute force "DIE!" SLING! The little girls head dropped to the floor. "Mwuahaha! This is the price of the weak! Death is the only suitable punishment for you!" Daichi cries out. He then kicks the girls head like a soccer ball. He then prepared to launch it into the air. His foot came down and sent the little girls decapitated head into the air. Daichi charged the rasengan into the palm of his hand. He smiled and took for the sky, he the strikes the girls head "RASENGAN!" Daichi cries as the girls head was sent flying and never to be seen again. Daichi slowly landed to the ground. Daichi walks over to Leviathan "How was that?" The beast smiled "Very nice. Very VERY nice! You've done well! Your training for the day is complete! You may do what you wish!" Leviathan performs a series of handsigns and cancels the jutsu. They were now back in the shadow world. Daichi nods and walks away but says one last thing to the demon. "Don't tell me...what to do again. Or i'll kill you!" Daichi says while activating the third level of the rintin pinwheel eye. Daichi vanished into the darkness to carry on with his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Daichi, the new ultimate warrior(Complete)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:34 am





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Daichi, the new ultimate warrior(Complete)
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