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 The plan to leave

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PostSubject: The plan to leave   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:35 pm

“Finally the time has come. We are going to head into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber today.” Ryder was always excited to get into the chamber. It was a time he could fight head to head with his father, but not waste to much time letting other people get stronger than him. This was always the time he put out the most effort.

“You know I should start making this more difficult on you. You have become so powerful in this short amount of time. I am running out of things for you to do.” Ryder looked confused as Kaman opened the door to the time chamber.

“I don’t get what you mean father. You always give me a challenge during these training sessions.” Ryder stepped into the chamber.

Word Count: 679

“You may be challenged now but soon you won’t be. Soon you will find my training tiresome. We must find you a better way to train. I think after this we will be leaving Earth, and heading to New Vegeta.” Ryder’s head whipped towards Kaman.

“I thought you were banished from New Vegeta?”

“I was, but it is time we go back and take our place as Saiyans. It will put us in a position to take the throne when we are ready. If no one is questioning us being there than it will be that much easier to defeat the king.” Kaman was right, we the two Saiyans needed to make a foothold on the planet they were going to attack in order for them to have a chance. And what better way for them to do that than make friends with the people they are going to conquer.

“You’re right father, let us train one more time in this chamber before heading to New Vegeta.” Kaman nodded at Ryder.

“Today you will be perfecting that Destructo Disk of yours. You will need to cut some Saiyans in half if you want to go through them quickly. I am going to run make your disk follow me.” Ryder created the disk over his head. Kaman took off first flying away from Ryder. As Ryder threw the disk it almost caught up to Kaman immediately. However right before it got to him Kaman changed direction. Ryder used all his concentration on the disk and made it follow Kaman . once again the disk almost caught Kaman before he changed direction again, and Ryder made the disk follow. “You have good control over that. Now let’s see how good it really is.” Kaman changed direction once again, only this time he made a straight line towards Ryder. Kaman pushed it as long as he could and then disappeared. Ryder thought for a brief second, and then realized the disk was still coming at him. Without any more hesitation Ryder did a back flip into the air, narrowly missing the disk. When he landed he turned to look at the disk, only now he had no more control over it. Suddenly, Ryder was kicked in the face. “If we have learned anything from the warriors from the past, if they come towards you and you are controlling the disk. Let it go, and change your attack to them. That is how you end up dead.” Ryder brushed off the kick.

“That seems to be a valid point.” Ryder knew it was going to be difficult on New Vegeta and any lessons he could get before he got there would make his life that much easier. “Now let’s spar for a little bit.” Ryder and Kaman began their usual sparing match. These always involved a lot of punches kicks and energy blasts, but in the end Ryder learned something new. Once again they finished their training and Ryder felt like he could take on the world, but he knew without more training he would be drilled into the ground by the warriors on New Vegeta. So he contained his excitement and put on a serious face. It was time to go find Altair, maybe he would be able to help them on New Vegeta.

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PostSubject: Re: The plan to leave   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:48 pm

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The plan to leave
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