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 Evil is coming.

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PostSubject: Evil is coming.    Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:57 pm

Ryder was once again in the forest with Kaman. He was so hyped about the fight with Elijah. Ryder was becoming powerful. Not to many people that he knew of acctually had the same power level as him, and he was ready to get more. The king of the Saiyans would have a hard time keeping his power level higher than his.

"Are you ready for today's training father?" Ryder sat indian style on the ground, deep in meditation.

"Yes, I am." Ryder slowly stood up and cracked his neck and then his wrists then taking a stance. "Let's do this." Kaman all of a sudden vanished. Ryder knew this was the afterimage technique. Ryder concentrated until he felt the power level he knew to be his father's. Ryder threw a kick into the air beinhd him, and gave Kaman a good kick to the chin.

"You are getting good." Kaman was acctually surprised that Ryder had caught onto that attack. Ryder teleported again, this time a kick to the gut made Ryder double over in pain. Another teleport, another kick, this time to the head. Ryder couldn't stop it. Kaman continued to teleport and throw kicks into Ryder. Ryder concentrated with everything he had and then caught it.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Ryder launched a blast in a random direction, which turned out not to be random at all. Kaman took the full brunt of the blast in the chest. Ryder was becoming better at pinpointing where energy levels were coming from. This was what Kaman was trying to do the entire time. Kaman wanted Ryder to do what he had just done. "Had enough?"

I have never had enough. I will fight till I die. And you should do the same. No amount of pain will ever get me to stop in the middle of a fight.

"Fine. Let's fight." Ryder charged Kaman throwing multiple punches at Kaman who dodged most of them except the very last one. which sent Kaman flying towards a tree. Kaman quickly corrected himself and landed his feet on the tree instead of his head. Using his feet to propel himself foward at Ryder, changing direction and kicking Ryder in the gut.

All of a sudden a giant bear jumped out of the woods charging Ryder. Ryder saw the bear and turned towards it. "Special Beam Cannon!" Ryder put a giant hole in the bear. "Well that was random. Shall we continue?"

"Yes." Kaman was next to Ryder and threw his fist into the side of Ryder's head. Ryder got up off the ground and tackled Kaman. He was sitting on top of him, and Ryder started throwing a series of punches into Kaman's chest. Ryder was slowly creating a holw in the ground under Kaman until Kaman grabbed his hand and threw him off. Ryder stood still, waiting. Then he felt an evil energy.

"We need to go home. I don't know why, but I feel something coming." Kaman never doubted Ryder's ability to sense evil approaching so he agreed and they both flew home. Ryder now had to find the evil that was about to come to earth.

Word Count: 524

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PostSubject: Re: Evil is coming.    Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:59 pm

5 skill points




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Evil is coming.
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