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 Review # 2

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PostSubject: Review # 2   Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:04 am

Saiyan Archives

Quick Review
    One thing that immediately confused me when I arrived at your forum was some of the buttons. Your navigation bar, as well as your 'Who is Online' buttons were in French. Yet, the rest of your board was English? Was it just the skin you got was a French skin and you haven't had time to get them updated? I recommend that you get on that as soon as possible, as it is pretty confusing, and I imagine it would be more so for Anglophones/non-French speakers. One quick thing about the design of your board, though, is that I think it suits your forum's subject extremely well. The orange contrasts with the black to give your forum even more of a "dragon ball z" feel and your forum buttons (aside from the French text) look pretty good. The only thing I see as a problem is the thread buttons displaying new posts, no new, locked, hot topic, etc. They are the exact same size as the buttons on your index. This will make your boards extremely big, as you won't be able to fit as many threads in a single page of the board. I suggest that you either resize them to a smaller setting, or find new ones to replace them.

    I also noticed that you have quite a lot of forums and sub-forums. To be perfectly honest, I think that you have too many, considering the size of your forum at the moment. I understand that they are all for different aspects of the roleplay, but still, you have many that are completely unused and have never been posted in. I suggest that you start out with a limited number until you get more activity. Then, when you have more roleplayers and posts on your board, you slowly expand out into new things. Maybe new quests or related story lines?

    To end, I just want to point out that you have pretty good posting stats. Over 1200 posts with just 13 members? That's almost 100 posts per member. While your forum is over 4 months old, the post to member ratio is pretty good. I hope that you will continue to promote your board and get more active users. Good luck!





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Review # 2
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