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 Training once again

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PostSubject: Training once again   Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:49 am

Lana had waited for a few minutes, as she was shown the time chamber where she could train. She glanced around and could see that it was rather empty except one building that was in the center of the chamber. "I can see why it feel empty here" she replied, as she began to throw a few punches and kicks. She was focusing on her speed at the time. It seemed rather odd to be in the room, but it would help her training since she wanted to grow a lot stronger. She formed her Kamehameha and quickly fired it and watched it go into the distance. She could see that her training was going rather well so far at least.

She glanced and noticed that her opponent had come in a few minutes later. It was then that the fighting began. Lana was the one who had the advantage at the time though, as their fists collied at and created a few shock-waves from the sounds of battle. Lana dropped backwards and fired off a Kamehameha that was countered with Kamehameha. With both waves clashing with each other they stood their ground and did not move an inch. Lana pumped more energy into the the attack and sent her opponent backwards. She charged forward again and continued her assault. Neither fighter was giving an inch. Lana had delivered a number of blows while taking quite a few herself.

Lana could see that the fight was not going perfectly well, as she charged up another Kamehameha that was avoided. She was looked around and was kicked in the side and thrown a decent distance away and hammered with a Kamehameha wave. She stood up and was breathing rather heavy at the time. Lana looked around for a moment and was not exactly sure where she was at the time. She tried to sense the energy of her opponent and could not find it. She gathered her thoughts and focused on finding her opponent. Once that was done she had found her opponent. With that done she moved forward and continued fighting. She was sure that she would reach he limits soon enough though, as she was waiting for her a few minutes before she attacked again by sending out a full power energy wave. She continued to fire more of the after the first one hit. She fell onto one knee once her energy was used up. It was because she was not quite used to the room yet. The battle was over though and she could see that her training was paying off for now at least. Though it would take some time for her to get used to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber though. From the looks of things it was an easy way to train the body. That was what Lana would take advantage of so she could become a lot stronger.

Since she did not know how strong the next threat was going to be she was focused on becoming as strong she possible. That was the best way to be prepared and not be in a near death situation again like she was near the end of the battle. She continued to practice her physical attacks since that was one thing she needed to work on still. She was well verses in using her ki including the Kamehameha wave technique. Though she was going to work on a few of the variations once she continued with her training. She focused for a moment and flew into the air. She charged up a max power Kamehameha Kamehameha and quickly fired it. She could see the training was paying off rather well.
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PostSubject: Re: Training once again   Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:57 pm

612 * 3= 1836
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Training once again
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