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 Gravity Training-Elijah Black

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Elijah Black


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PostSubject: Gravity Training-Elijah Black   Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:01 pm

My travels didn’t stop at the Time Chamber, although it brought a new light to my eyes. A year in there, but only a day out here passed. It threw me off for a couple of days. The places that I used to go seem like distant memories. The people that I saw seemed so much different now. But one thought still crossed my mind was still fresh, and still as vivid as the day it happened, and that was Vegeta, standing there, laughing at my mother as she gave her life to save me.
He would pay, no matter the cost.
My travels brought me whispers of a gravity chamber, made by Capsule Corp. They said that it could increase the gravity as much as one could take. I decided to give it a chance. Those whispers took me to it, a giant dome sitting out in the open, like the Time Chamber. As I closed the door behind me, the lights flashed on and my eyes were assaulted by the sight of buttons and gadgets and other things. So much overindulgence in here, I thought to myself. After figuring out how everything worked, I adjusted the gravity until I felt the familiar pull of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber gravity pulling at me. Strangely, it wasn’t anything to me anymore, like a child tugging at my pant leg. I increased it until it felt like me walking into the Time Chamber for the first time all over again. Checking the Gravity Screen, I saw that it was at 15x earths gravity. “Time to train,” I said with a chuckle.
The first couple of weeks played out like the Time Chamber. Me trying to throw a punch, barely able to , then after collapsing into a puddle of sweat, with a smirk on my face. But the thing is, the gravity would not be a challenge for me for long like it was earlier. The longer I stayed in the chamber, the more I cranked the gravity up. The workouts would increase in intensity, my power would increase, and I would crank it up more. Those next three months were killer for me.
Four months in, I decide to do ki training. I spent the next couple of weeks training my body, powering up, dropping it, and using it to fire projectiles around the chamber. It got to the point that I was throwing 5 blasts around and dodging them, very easily. I didn’t want to say anything, but it was becoming boring for me to stay in here. I would need to find something to bring my focus back into view. Of course, Vegeta was in my mind, he would never leave, but it was getting boring. I started cranking the gravity up. It was up to 25x. I trained that for another four months, using my ki as a sparring partner. I would blast a beam, and hit it around so that it was going fast enough that I could barely get out of their way.
One day, I was searching the buttons on the machine, and I saw an option called bots. Apparently, it would cause a bot based on your power level and you could spar with it.
Why didn’t I see this the first day? I asked myself, shaking my head.
I pressed the button, and the Gravity Chamber came to life, humming with an inhuman buzz. It went on for a couple of minutes, until a door at the far end of the chamber opened up, and a bot stepped out. It was about the size of me, Grey steel colored, with cold, red eyes. It looked like it was in for serious business. Stepping away from the machine, I crouch into a stance and beg the machine to step forward. That was the first and last time I underestimated that machine.
It moved faster than I thought, hitting me square in the face, sending me flying into the side of the ship, rocking it slightly. It came again, but I was ready. I sidestepped it just as it threw a punch, its fist connecting with the side of the ship. If it had emotions, or felt pain, it didn’t show it.
I threw a side kick at it, connecting with its middle, sending it skidding back to the middle of the dome. It took the kick, and kept coming, throwing punches aimed to maim. I did the same, until the fists because a blur of blocking and kicking and punching. It threw a punch to my ribs, I anticipated it, and dodged it, grabbing its arm and throwing a knee to its side. It caught me, and—with a surprise on my face, threw me across the other side of the chamber. I caught myself, and steadied myself in midair. This thing was harder than I thought. I righted myself, and dropped myself down in front of it. “I know you can't hear me, or anything, but you are a great workout for me. And I thank you for that. But fun is over, robot.”
I crouched and focused inward, my body being enveloped in a red aura. Every inch of my body was tight, and focused on this one machine. Not giving it the time to launch an offensive, I made the first strike, hitting it square in the face. It shot away from my fist, like a bullet from a gun. I sped up, and intercepted it, knocking it the other way. I went to intercept it once again, but it anticipated that, and blocked my punch. Swinging its arm, it knocked me back a little. I could taste the blood flow from my mouth from that hit. Wiping my mouth, I smiled.
“So, you can increase your power, too, huh?” I said to the robotic opponent. As usual, it said nothing back. As I settled into a fighting stance again, it did something to this day that sends chills down my body.
It folded his arms across its body and lifted its head, as if judging me, as if it has decided that this was the time for me to grovel down and kiss it's feet.
Like him.
Something snapped inside me. I cant remember much of what happened over the last forty minutes of that time chamber, but I do recall up to the point of my rage blackout and me coming to as I disintegrated the robot with a Black Crush. I got my bearings, breathing heavily trying to calm myself down. The one thought that crossed my mind during that whole time was:Have mercy on the man who gets in my way for vengeance.

~The Book of Black, Chapter 3

Total Word Count: 1125
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PostSubject: Re: Gravity Training-Elijah Black   Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:03 pm

1125 X 2 = 2250 PL

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Gravity Training-Elijah Black
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