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 Elijah Black's Training.

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Elijah Black


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PostSubject: Elijah Black's Training.    Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:04 pm

Emptiness. And heaviness. Those were my first thoughts upon entering the Time Chamber. Looking around was a challenge in itself.
"Man, Master wasn't joking about this place. This IS going to be hell," I say to no one in particular.
In my looking around, I spot a room with a fridge, a bed and a table. That must be the living quarters. Well, I wont be spending too much time there, I thought to myself. Walking over there and placing my belongings down, I walk out to the open area and take a deep breath, the steps of my shoes the only company I have in the room.
"Time to get started."
The first six months were absolutely hell. Throwing a punch fully extended took a month, and it was another month before I could throw combinations. Kicks were another level of hell in themselves, taking four straight months before I could throw full combinations. Those six months were death, but slowly, surely, I got through it. Every day, I would collapse down, exhausted, covered in sweat, sometimes not even making it to the bed.
I look back at that, and chuckle, knowing that the next six were the hardest parts.
The next two months I focused on ki control and blasts.
My first blast almost killed me. Me, thinking that the gravity wouldn't effect the blast, fired off a Black Wave. It landed five feet in front of me, throwing me easily through the air and crashing into the living quarters. It took me two full weeks to recover from that, burns and other injuries needing time to heal. After that, the blasts traveled longer, they increased little by little, until I was able to launch them normally. I marveled at that, noting how much my strength increased in such a little time.
But then, the emptiness of the room began to mess with me mentally. I would hear the voices of the men who killed my father, telling me it didnt matter how much training I did, I would die by their hands. I pushed that away, storing it, using it as motivation, and I picked up the intensity of the training, until it was at a level that no one could maintain without some sort of break down. But I pushed though it, achieving levels of power I didnt even know I had.
Then, it happened.
The voices of the killers finally broke through my wall in my head, exactly one week before the year was out. I was training, when I heard them. They weren't in my head. It came from behind me.
I turned around, and there they were. 15 years passed, and they were still fresh in my mind. Nappa and Vegeta. They were standing there, arms folded across their chests. Vegeta was the first to speak.
"Its time, boy. Either come quietly, or die."
I launched myself at them without hesitation. For an entire week, I fought them, my demons. Punch blocked, kick landed, the cycle repeated over and over. Four days in, I caught Nappa with a Black Wave at point blank range. He didnt get up.
The next three were a chess battle with Vegeta, neither one of us getting an advantage.
A break in the fighting, both of us panting heavily. Vegeta straightened up.
"You know, its a shame. If that bitch of a woman didnt blow herself up---"
The mention of my mom puts my focus directly onto his face. His smug face. My hand starts glowing black. Faster than I thought I could move, I have his face in my black palm, driving the back of his head into the ground.
The next moment, a colossal black explosion envelopes me and Vegeta. The remainders of the living quarters are destroyed. When the smoke clears, he isnt underneath my hand. And the voices are gone. Did I imagine them? I asked myself.
To answer that question, the door to the chamber clicks, and the door opens. My time is up. Ill answer that another time.
~The Book of Black, Chapter 2
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PostSubject: Re: Elijah Black's Training.    Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:10 pm

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Elijah Black's Training.
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