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 Kaman's Return?

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PostSubject: Kaman's Return?   Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:39 pm

Ryder stood alone in the forest where he trained almost daily. Alone, wondering if he would ever see his father again. He knew of the dragonballs but didn’t know how to get a hold of them to bring him back from other world. He was haunted every night by the thought he would never see his father again, or at least until he died himself. However Ryder couldn’t afford to dwell on the thought. He had to keep pushing himself to become the strongest Saiyan ever. Once he did that he could take revenge for his father being banished by the king of the Saiyans. Suddenly Ryder felt a strange presents. It was one he had felt before but it was different.

“Father.” Ryder turned around looked to where the energy was coming from. He started to slowly walk towards the energy. “There is no way he is here.” Ryder thought to himself as he came closer to the energy level. “Father!” Ryder now stood only a few yards from his Kaman. “I thought you died, I thought you wouldn’t be able to train me.” Then it hit him. “But you did die, in my arms. Who are you?” Kaman stood in front of Ryder motionless for almost a minute before he started talking.

“You don’t remember me? It is me, son.” Ryder searched his feelings trying to find some glimmer of what his father used to be.

“No, you are not my father. Who are you?” Kaman looked to the ground and started laughing.

“Kaman taught you well boy. But I am Kaman. I have taken his likeness and now inhabit the body of your father. All of his thoughts, all of his knowledge are now mine. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.” The Figure began to laugh harder. “You wouldn’t hit your own father would you? You see your father never died. When he was weakened I was able to take over his body. Now you can’t eve wish him back. I will take his place, and after I kill you no one will stop me.” Little did this figure know Ryder would hit his father all day during training. He just had to be careful not to damage the body to much because there still may be a way to save him.

“You obviously don’t know me that well if you think I won’t attack you. I will beat you until you give my father’s body up.” The figure laughed again.

“Well you are right on one thing, some of your father’s memories are faded. Only because he is trying to escape and your father is a strong one.” Ryder had heard enough. He charged Kaman and gave him an elbow to the face. Kaman gave a look of surprise. “You would destroy your father’s body in order to get rid of me?” Ryder didn’t respond instead he followed his elbow with a kick to the head.

“My father is in there and I am going to get him out. If he dies while I try, then I will just wish him back with the dragonballs.” The figure had thought this through. It was the only real flaw I his plan. He hadn’t expected a Saiyan to figure something like that out very quickly.

“Fine, but expect no mercy from me.” Kaman jumped into the air. “Galic Gun!” A purple blast erupted from Kaman’s hands aimed towards Ryder.

“KAMEHAMEHA!” The two blasts collided in the middle and started pushing the two fighters back. Ryder pushed as much energy as he could into his blast, but when he looked at Kaman he wasn’t even sweating. Ryder knew he couldn’t win this battle between the energy beams so decided to break it before it got back to him. He moved out of the way as the Galic Gun collided with the ground. “Fine, hand to hand it is. Multi-Form!” Ryder separated into four clones of himself and took a fighting stance. All for clones charged Kaman at the same time. When they got to where he was standing Kaman disappeared. The afterimage technique was a hard one to see coming.

“Galic Gun!” Two of the clones were hit by the beam and launched them to the ground as they recovered the real Ryder and the last clone charged Kaman, this time making contact. With a barrage of punches and kicks Kaman was only blocking about every other strike. Ryder kicked off of Kaman and flew into the air.

“Clones back!” All the clones disappeared, returning Ryder to full strength. “I don’t want to kill you. I will give you one last chance to release my father.”

“Nothing you say will make me release your father. A Saiyan body is too good to give up.”

“Fine, have it your way. SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” Ryder shot the beam through Kaman’s shoulder. Kaman was now lying on the ground screaming. “I will destroy that body until you leave.” Finally Kaman became silent. Ryder walked to him standing ready in case he was bluffing. The sense of evil was gone and only the familiar feeling of his father was present. “Let’s get you home.” Ryder picked up Kaman and flew off towards home. Ryder knew he would have to keep an eye on Kaman just in case it was a trick, but a feeling inside said he had gotten his father back.

Word count: 902

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PostSubject: Re: Kaman's Return?   Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:43 pm

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Kaman's Return?
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