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 Character Creation-Elijah Black

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Elijah Black


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PostSubject: Character Creation-Elijah Black   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:46 pm

Name: Elijah Black

Race: Human??

Home Planet: Earth, but may not be earthling


Age: 25

Aura color: Blood Red

Referred: Rick and Jon
Description: Tall, lanky, but muscular. Thick, short hair that covers his piercing black and red eyes. always wear a cross around his neck.

Personality: Keeps to himself a lot. He has gone through a lot, and doesn't really know how to act in front of people.

Techniques: Banshee Blast (one handed),
An explosion outside of my house brought me immediately to consciousness. Throwing the covers off my body, I ran down the hallway and gazed upon my mother and father shielding themselves from the smoking crater that used to be my dining room. My father turns to me, and says something that I cant quite hear, until my confusion dissipates.

“Elijah, RUN!”
“But father--” I said, the words getting stuck in my throat.
“Elijah, don't talk back, just ru--”
That was the last time I saw my father alive as a beam of energy enveloped him and tore a hole through his body. His eyes plead for me to leave one last time before the light leaves his eyes and he collapses to the ground.
I stand, eyes transfixed to the corpse that is-was- my father.
My mother doesn't so much as look as me, as she is concentrating on something in the sky.
My gaze follows hers up, to see two men, one gigantic bald one, with a goatee outlining the malicious smile that he has. His hand is smoking. He was the one that killed my father. The other, standing(floating?) behind him, with his arms crossed, has a crop of hair that sticks straight up off the top of his head, almost like a crown of some sort. He is the first one to speak.
“Now, now Nappa, was that really necessary? He was only protecting his family,” He says, a note of sarcasm buried in his words.
“Yeah, Vegeta, you're right. Maybe I did go a little overboard, huh?” Nappa says, smirking. His hand finally stops smoking, and he lowers it to his side.
“You! What do you want? Haven't you done enough?!” My mom screams, fists clutched into balls.
“Shut up woman. You know why we are here. Don't pretend stupidity,” Vegeta says, falling slowly to the ground. Nappa follows.
The big one starts to talk. “Yeah, you know damn well-”
Vegeta turns his head towards the big one. “Nappa, you don’t need to repeat what I just said, she heard me perfectly,” Vegeta says, with authority in his voice.
He turns back to my mother. “Where's the boy?”
If my blood didn't go cold after witnessing my father killed, it was glacial at this point. What did they want with me?
My mom must have picked up on my thoughts. “My-my child? What do you want with my son?”
Vegeta sighs, and answered her as if repeating instructions to a dog.
“Your son is not from this world. And for that matter, neither are we. Our boss has had his eyes on this world for a long time, and he has detected something special on this world. He has some...worry that your child is going to become a nuisance in the long run. So, he has sent make sure that doesn't happen.”
“You're going to-to kill my son?!” She says, astonishment in her voice.
Vegeta laughs, a laugh that still haunts my mind to this day. “When you put it like that, it sounds so dismal. Think of it as policy. Trust me, it will make this go a lot easier. Now, where is your son?”
“Elijah.”Her voice jumps into my head, almost causing me to jump out of my hiding spot. “I am so sorry to do this, my son. But there are some things that we did not tell you about the world....the universe. I would have loved to have told you these things later on in life, afraid I have no time left. I’m going to distract them long enough for you to escape. Remember Elijah, that I love you.”
“Excuse us, you stupid bitch!” Nappa yells. “He asked you a question. Where is the brat?”
My mother laughs. As she does, her body starts glowing blue, an aura surrounding her body.
“You'll never have him. And I cannot wait until the day that he is strong enough to have his revenge. You two will know the pain that you caused him tenfold.”
Nappa laughs. “Are you insane, woman? You and that little bastard are about to meet whomever you pray to.” He starts walking towards my mother, whose body is now almost translucent blue.
My eyes are locked onto the scene in front of me, until my moms voice interrupts that.
“Elijah, Run!!”
As if someone else takes control of my body, I turn and start running, picking up speed with each step.
The scene behind me unfolds this way. The eye pieces that Vegeta and Nappa are wearing-start beeping, filling the screen with information. Vegeta reads it. Nappa ignores it and starts running for my mother. Neither one of them can react fast enough to what happens.
The last image of my mother, my father, my life-was my mother spreading her arms, screaming:
“Flash Bang Grenade!!”

Those first few weeks were the hardest. I would usually curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. Usually I wanted to just expire, to just give up. But something kept me going on...15 years later, I still cant pin down what kept me alive. Finally, after months of fending for myself, my luck changed. While living in a cave one fateful stormy night, I was discovered by a cloaked figure, with a mask covering his head. He entered my cave and stared at me. I didnt back down, I didnt look away. If my time to go was now, I would fight until the end. Then he spoke.
“You are special, kid. I cant place it, but there is something in you, potential that needs to be unlocked. Where are your parents?”
“Dead,” I said, not avoiding his gaze even though mentioning my parents caused and ache in the center of my chest.
For a long time, he didn't say anything. It was around five minutes, but it seemed like forever. Finally, he spoke.
“Hmm. Well, how would you like to live with me? This cave is not fit for human life.”
Could I trust this man? I thought in my head.
He chuckled. “Im not going to kill you and dump your body somewhere, kid.”
My jaw dropped. How did he do that?
“I can teach you. And I can train you. I catn make you strong enough to face whoever did this to you.”
“Y-You can?” I said.
He nodded. “Of course. All you have to do is accept my offer.”

---More to come later.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Zenni: 5,000

Power Level: 350
RP Sample: Look at bio. That is pretty much how ill play it.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation-Elijah Black   Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:57 pm

approved just get your techniques up and running




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Character Creation-Elijah Black
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